Alyssa Milano on Brazen’s Female Empowerment and Who’s the Boss


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Alyssa Milano gives Kyle Meredith a ring to talk about her new Netflix movie, Brazen, and its themes of empowering women.

The actor/activist talks about how the movie ties in with the popularity of true crime and why that genre seems to make such a big impression with women. She also touches on the film arriving during the #MeToo era and what it offers to the conversation, as well as how much of her real self she allows in her characters.

Milano also speaks on how her ’80s sitcom Who’s the Boss was ahead of its time when it came to feminism, equality, and equity. Specially, she discusses how art, music, and movies present an opportunity to further progress social issues more than politicians. We also get to hear a bit about her late ’80s and early ’90s albums and music videos, being in the audience of Mr. Show, and the possibility of a sequel to Brazen.

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