Selena Gomez Says That Fans Are “Hurtful” About “How I

Selena Gomez Says That Fans Are “Hurtful” About “How I

Selena Gomez Says That Fans Are “Hurtful” About “How I
Selena Gomez On Fans Being Hurtful About Benny Blanco

Another aspect of Selena Gomez’s life that’s pretty well-documented at this point is her relationship with Benny Blanco, which she confirmed in a very dishy spree of IG posts back in December of last year.

Both topics of conversation recently converged in a new Time cover story, where Selena addressed fans’ reactions to her personal life — specifically, her relationship with Benny — and how she tries not to let all the noise affect her.

“I know what people can do to people I love,” she said. “My own fans, who I adore and feel like have shaped who I am, will say the most hurtful things to me about how I live my life.”

“But he has the strength in him that none of that noise fazes him.”

“It’s really impressive, and I just cherish every moment with him,” Selena said of her relationship with Benny, which she characterized later in the interview as the type of thing that “just happens when you least expect it.”

“I don’t know what the future holds, but I do know that he’s not going anywhere any time soon.”

Hey, nothing wrong with that! Read the entire interview here.

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