Kylie Kelce Hints At Possibility’ Of Fourth Baby With Husband

Kylie Kelce Hints At Possibility’ Of Fourth Baby With Husband

Kylie Kelce Hints At Possibility’ Of Fourth Baby With Husband
Kylie Kelce Image Credit: Lisa Lake/ Prime Video

Kylie Kelce is holding onto her kids’ pajamas just in case another youngster comes along to join the family of five.

In a recent interview with New York Magazine’s The Strategist, Kelce, 32, ran through a list of all of the items that she “can’t live without.” One of them was a $22 set of Hanna Anderson short john pajamas for kids.

“The Hanna Anderson PJs last forever,” she remarked.

As a mother of three daughters—four-year-old Wyatt, three-year-old Elliotte, and one-year-old Bennett—she spoke about how happy she was to have the ability to tackle a common problem for parents: younger children outgrowing their clothes so quickly that they become useless.

“We lucked out because we had three girls. We’re rotating through clothes we bought for our first daughter now to our youngest, so we have gone through a lot of hand-me-downs.”

And should the couple need more in the future, the experienced mother has that covered.

“We still have some packed up, just in case there ends up being a fourth,” she said. “It is the best investment.”

Kylie also spoke of a Zoe Chicco necklace displaying the initials of her daughters, gifted to her by her husband Jason Kelce, 36, “as a reminder of our three greatest creations.”

Kylie KelcePHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA – JUNE 13: Autism advocate Kylie Kelce and children show off their newly-created Print Pals printable puppets at the Eagles Autism Foundation (EAF) sensory room in Philadelphia, PA. Print Pals, from technology company HP, empower neurodivergent children to express themselves through the therapeutic power of creative expression. on June 13, 2024 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Michael Simon/Getty Images for HP Inc.)

Although Kylie is talking about possible plans for more kids in the couple’s future, the former Philadelphia Eagles center debunked rumors alleging Kylie was expecting again back in March.

“Listen, Kylie, apparently, is pregnant with our fourth child,” Jason joked to his brother Travis Kelce —known to his daughters as Uncle Travvy—on their New Heights podcast. “It’s a boy.”

Jason reinforced that it would only be happening “in this made-up universe” after Travis responded, “What, no way!”

Another time it was alluded to that the family has four children was when Travis joked that his older brother was Kylie’s fourth kid, captioning a TikTok clip of a New Heights episode that featured her as a guest, “This woman is a SAINT! Takes care of 4 kids at home and even found the time to join the pod… Thanks Sis!!”

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