Despicable Me 4: Which Villains Return? All Cameos Explained

Despicable Me 4: Which Villains Return? All Cameos Explained

Despicable Me 4: Which Villains Return? All Cameos Explained

Despicable Me 4 has recently been released and fans are wondering which villains from past installmentsreturn in the movie. Are Scarlet Overkill and Vector among them? This film sees Gru and his family go up against a new villain Maxime Le Mal, an old rival of Gru’s who seeks revenge against him for past humiliations.

So, which villains from previous Despicable Me entries make a comeback? Read on to find out.

Every franchise villain who returns in Despicable Me 4

Here is every villain from the Despicable Me franchise who returns in Despicable Me 4. They make cameo appearances towards the end, during Gru and Maxime Le Mal’s prison performance of “Everybody Wants to Rule the World.”


Vector is an antagonist from the first Despicable Me movie. In the film, Gru challenged Vector after the latter stole the Great Pyramid of Giza. He was also revealed to be the son of Mr. Perkins, the Bank of Evil’s director. The threat posed by Vector increased by the end of the first film, after he kidnapped Margo, Edith, and Agnes, only for Gru to eventually defeat him and send him to the moon.

Mr. Perkins

Mr. Perkins is also an antagonist from the first movie. He was the Bank of Evil’s director and Vector’s father. In the film, he orders Gru to steal the Shrink Ray to help fund the latter’s moon theft. However, he later betrays him.

El Macho

El Macho is the villain of Despicable Me 2. In the film, he joins forces with Dr. Nefario in order to kidnap and mutate Gru’s minions with the help of the PX-41 formula. El Macho was also the alter-ego of Eduardo Perez, the restaurant manager of Salsa & Salsa, where Gru and Lucy worked.

Balthazar Bratt

Balthazar Bratt was the main villain of Despicable Me 3. In the film, driven by a desire for revenge, he attempts to destroy Hollywood after his show Evil Bratt was canceled years ago. Gru and Lucy attempt to capture him in the early moments of the movie but they fail. Later, Gru and co. team up with the former’s brother Dru to stop Bratt.

The Vicious 6

The Vicious 6 are the main villains of Minions: The Rise of Gru. In the film, the team consisted of leader Belle Bottom, Nun-Chuck, Stronghold, Svengeance, and Jean Clawed. Wild Knuckles was originally the sixth member up until he was betrayed by the others. At the end of The Rise of Gru, five of The Vicious 6 members turned into rats. But, seemingly they turned back to normal between the events of third and the fourth Despicable Me movies.

Scarlet and Herb Overkill

Scarlet and Herb Overkill served as the antagonists of the first Minions movie. The minions, in search of a master, ended up serving Scarlet as she impressed them by her attempts to steal St. Edward’s Crown from the Queen of England. She and her husband Herb planned to take over the world. However, she turned on the minions after Bob unwillingly landed on the Sword in the Stone and became the King of England, feeling angered by their accomplishment of her own dream. Scarlet and Herb eventually steal the crown again, only to be stopped by Gru, who freezes them and escapes with it.

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