Will Eve & Villanelle Kiss or Kill Each Other? ‘Killing


Heavenliness can’t wait. In the February 27 premiere of the fourth and final season of Killing Eve, hitwoman Villanelle (Jodie Comer) embraced religion to impress her love, staid bureaucrat turned avenger Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh).

“Eve has said Villanelle’s incapable of being good. She’s determined to prove that wrong — it’s kind of like, ‘I told you so. Look at me!’” says Comer. “It isn’t as well received as she hoped.”

The actress previews some ungodliness ahead on the spy thriller.

Is the biggest sin this season that chic Villanelle isn’t wearing edgy designer looks?

Jodie Comer: The red robe and the collar [above, from the premiere] were fabulous! My favorite are bad-but-brilliant fashions. The church trip in Episode 2 [on Sunday], I had awful denim shorts above my kneecap, thick socks, Velcro sandals, a fleece.

Surely Villanelle can’t be holier-than-thou for too long. Will things get bloody?

Definitely. Something I craved for Season 4 was badass Villanelle to come back fighting. Villanelle is eventually confronted by the part of herself she can’t escape.

Sandra Oh as Eve Polastri in Killing Eve

Anika Molnar/BBCA

Eve is after the Twelve — could Villanelle help her take them down?

She’s more than capable. She’s been used as a pawn, and now she’s doing things her way. We go through this discovery of self and moral compass and what humanity she does have.

Will she and Eve ultimately choose to kiss or kill each other?

That’s the battle. In the [previous finale], there was ease in each other’s company, less hostility. That’s delved into deeply in Season 4, the most time Sandra and I have spent together onscreen. Villanelle sits with how she’s changed Eve’s life and the consequences.

Tough to say goodbye?

[Sandra and I] were together the final few days. The last scene was a weird night shoot: everyone working so hard, wrapping at 2am, ready to sleep. It was surreal. Before, you were always going, “We’ll be back next year.” I kept a clapper board with the final take number and scene number on it.

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