Ugly Betty Cast: Where Are They Now?


Ugly Betty was a charming family and work comedy series inspired by a telenovela that endeared fans for four glorious seasons.

And thanks to the series hitting Netflix, new generations have been introduced to the magic of this series as it finds a brand-new audience. Of course, it also triggers nostalgia in original viewers.

Whether you’re just now bingeing Ugly Betty or you’ve experienced it all before, you may be wondering what the cast is up to currently.

Ugly Betty Season 2 Cast

Ugly Betty bolstered an impressive cast who have truly left their mark and went on to do incredible projects. So, let’s get into what the cast has been up to since.

Daniel Eric Gold – Matt Hartley

Gold’s character, Matt Hartley, was introduced during Ugly Betty Season 3 as Betty’s love interest, with the theater and film actor making his television debut.

Chatting with Matt - Ugly Betty

The two characters endured a lot of ups and downs in their relationship, with Matt, at one point, essentially making Betty’s life a living hell.

His arc spanned two seasons, amassing 20 episodes total.

Since Ugly Betty, Gold has made guest-starring appearances in many procedurals, including Blue Bloods, Chicago Fire, Law & Order, and The Blacklist. He’s also had more long-term roles in Group and Good Girls Revolt.

He’s also starred in films such as Hacker, The Outcast, and I Must Be Going.

Kevin Sussman – Walter

Walter Hurts Betty - Ugly Betty Season 1 Episode 2

Kevin Sussman starred as Walter, Betty’s initial boyfriend in the series, who dumped her for someone else during Ugly Betty Season 1.

Sussman appeared in 20 episodes spanning the series’s first season before wrapping his arc and moving on to other things.

Since the series, Sussman is most notably known for his role as Stuart Bloom in The Big Bang Theory. He’s also appeared in series such as Better Call Saul, Weeds, and The Dropout and films such as Made of Honor, Killers, and Freeloaders.

Alec Mapa – Suzuki St. Pierre

Suzuki St. Pierre - Ugly Betty

One of the greatest peddlers of delicious drama on the series, Alec Mapa’s Suzuki St. Pierre was the infamous fashion host who stayed all up in Meade’s business and kept them on their toes and the defense with his sometimes scathing reports.

Mapa appeared in 30 episodes and has since kept busy in series, films, shorts, and even videos.

Mapa recurred on Switched At Birth and Devious Maids, guest-starred in Jane the Virgin and Doom Patrol, and has appeared in many TV Movies and other films.

Rebecca Romijn – Alexis Meade

Making Nice With Dad - Ugly Betty

Who doesn’t remember the epic moment when we met Alexis Meade, and everything clicked into place?

While seemingly controversial now, Romijn, a cis-female, played the iconic and groundbreaking trans character, Alexis Meade, who was the forever plotting and scheming sister of Daniel Meade, who continuously hoped to take over Mode.

Romijn took over, playing Alexis from Ugly Betty Season 1 Episode 13 until Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 4, totaling 33 episodes. She was notably upset when her character got cut short after the 2008 Writer’s Strike.

Since Ugly Betty, the award-winning actress has been booked and busy. She starred in multiple TV series, including Eastwick, King & Maxwell, and The Librarians.

Commander Chin-Riley - Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 2 Episode 10

She, of course, has recently starred in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

Romijn has also reprised her role as Mystique in X-Men: First Class, done voiceover work, and various films, and she’s dabbled in some co-hosting with her hubby, Jerry O’Connell, for The Real Love Boat dating show.

Alan Dale- Bradford Meade

Bradford Meade was the, at times, sinister founder and C.E.O. of Meade and Daniel’s father, who set a lot of things in motion at Mode.

Bradford's Wedding - Ugly Betty

Dale was a force and performed fantastically during his tenure on the series for roughly two seasons and left an indelible mark on the remainder of the series after his departure.

Since Dale’s 33-episode stint on the series, he’s kept quite busy across television, stateside, and elsewhere with an extensive career that hasn’t slowed down.

He’s had long-standing roles in series such as Lost, The Killing, N.C.I.S., Once Upon a Time, Secret City, Neighbours, and more recently, Dynasty!

The man hasn’t slowed down yet!

Christopher Gorham – Henry Grubstick

Henry's All Smiles - Ugly Betty

Adorable Henry Grubstick was easily one of Betty’s most endearing love interests in the series.

Bookworm Henry was the accountant on the 3rd floor of the building who always had eyes for Betty, and their love affair tended to be one of star-crossed lovers.

Gorham first appeared on the series during Ugly Betty Season 1 Episode 5 and oscillated between recurring, main, and guest-starring roles until Ugly Betty Season 4, for 35 episodes.

Gorham is a familiar face on television, someone who pops up some of anywhere and everywhere.

Jason in court - Accused Season 1 Episode 12

Since Ugly Betty, he went on to have a starring role as the sexy, blind superspy Auggie Anderson in Covert Affairs.

He’s also starred in Full Circle, 2 Broke Girls, Insatiable, and all of The Lincoln Lawyer Season 1. We’ve recently seen him in FOX’s hit series Accused and Leverage: Redemption and N.C.I.S.: L.A.

He’s also known for his voice work as Barry Allen in D.C. Universe videos.

Ashley Jensen – Christina McKinney

Best Seamstress - Ugly Betty

Christina McKinney was the warm-hearted and funny Scottish Seamstress and fashion designer at Mode who happened to be Betty’s best and most trusted friend for most of the series.

Appearing in 66 episodes throughout all four seasons, Ashley Jensen was often raved about for her performance as McKinney.

Since the series, she’s starred in Accidentally on Purpose, Love & Marriage, Catastrophe, Love, Lies, & Records, Agatha Raisin, and After Life.

She’s also done extensive voice work for children’s series and films and has appeared in many made-for-TV movies.

Judith Light – Claire Meade

Claire the Con - Ugly Betty

The iconic Judith Light absolutely shined as the boozed up, murderess, complex Claire Meade, Daniel’s mother and, at times, the true owner of Mode, who got wrapped up in all the plotting, scheming, and deception surrounding the company.

The Emmy-Award-winning Light’s 71-episode stint on Ugly Betty was only one chapter of an extensive career in television and film.

She’s since starred in Law & Order SVU, Dallas, Transparent, Doubt, and the critically acclaimed Pokerface. Light has also appeared in numerous films, a P!nk music video, and done the podcast series, The Method.

Vanessa Williams – Wilhelmina Slater

Wil in Print - Ugly Betty

Wilhelmina Slater was the series’ best antagonist and frenemy. She spent much of the series plotting to gain control of MODE while navigating so many interesting storylines that added depth to her and made her one of the most compelling characters.

The legendary Vanessa Williams absolutely slayed her portrayal of this Boss Lady for the series’ full four seasons, appearing in 85 episodes.

Williams immediately followed her stint on Ugly Betty with a main role in Desperate Housewives for the final two seasons.

She also starred in another ABC short-lived series, 666 Park Ave, and Daytime Divas.

Renee Perry - Desperate Housewives

And she’s guest-starred in many television series, from The Librarians and The Good Wife to Twenties and Girls 5-Eva.

She’s continued to sing and lend her voice to podcast series such as Marvel Wastelanders: Old Man Star-Lord and children’s series such as T.O.T.S.

Williams has also appeared in many films, feature films, television movies, and various specials.

Mark Indelicato – Justin Suarez

Suarez Sunshine - Ugly Betty

Effortlessly one of the best characters in the series, it was a true delight to watch Justin grow and be his unapologetic self for the series’ entirety.

Indelicato’s breakout role was playing Justin Suarez for its entire run with a pop culture icon of a character who stood the test of time and was groundbreaking in his own right.

Since Ugly Betty, Indelicato’s most notable television roles are on Hacks, Dead of Summer, and With Love. He’s also starred in films such as White Bird in a Blizzard and Madison High.

He’s studied the arts and has also done theater.

Michael Urie – Marc St. James

Marc Side Eyes Wil - Ugly Betty

As Wilhelmina Slater’s trusty and sassy assistant, Marc St. James was a perpetual scene-stealer in this series and evolved into quite an unexpectedly layered character and unexpected friend of Betty’s.

Since the series, Urie has mostly done theater work, returning to his roots. He’s starred in series such as Partners and appeared in others such as The Good Fight, The Good Wife, and Hot in Cleveland.

He’s also lent his voice to podcast series such as The Horror of Dolores Roach and The Pack Podcast.

He’s more recently appeared in Shrinking and the Netflix Christmas rom-com Single All the Way.

Brian Charming at Law - Shrinking Season 1 Episode 4

He’s directed shorts and series such as “What’s Your Emergency” produced, and he’s also hosted Cocktails & Classics, among other things.

Becki Newton – Amanda Tanen

Everyone’s favorite “mean girl,” Amanda, was the character you wanted to hate but couldn’t help but love as she plotted alongside best Marc for Wilhelmina and, throughout the series, went from one of Betty’s biggest adversaries to an actual friend.

Since her full series work on Ugly Betty, Newton has done well for herself, starring in Love Bites, How I Met Your Mother, The Goodwin Games, Divorce, and currently on The Lincoln Lawyer.

Lorna - The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 Episode 2

She’s also done voiceover work for American Dad and Mickey Mouse and appeared in T.V. films.

And she’s also done stage work in the musical Girl Crazy.

Ana Ortiz – Hilda Suarez

Hilda Suarez is easily a fan-favorite character, playing the outspoken, kind, and inspiring older sister of Betty, who had one of the most rewarding and, at times, heartbreaking arcs of the series.

Excuse You?  - Ugly Betty

Ana Ortiz has stayed incredibly busy starring in T.V. series such as Devious Maids, the late Whiskey Cavalier, Hung, and Marry Me.

She’s guest-starred in series such as How to Get Away with Murder, Superstore, and Covert Affairs.

And you can currently find her on Love, Victor.

She also does animation voice work, including Elena of Avalor and Ralph Breaks the Internet.

Susan the Matchmaker - Whiskey Cavalier Season 1 Episode 7

Tony Plana – Ignacio Suarez

Ignacio Suarez was the very heart of the series and certainly was for the Suarez family throughout the series’ run. Often there with sage advice, a shoulder to cry on, and providing comedic relief, he’s easily one of the best dads of the early 21st century.

Veteran actor Tony Plana has remained busy as ever since his long run on Ugly Betty. He’s graced the big screen and small, from blockbuster films to notable and/or guest-starring roles in hit series. He has a diverse resume.

On the film end, Plana has starred in hit films such as Pain & Gain and Bombshell.

Ignacio Cooks in Betty's Dreams - Ugly Betty

He’s also recurred or guest-starred in many procedurals from Lethal Weapon and Madam Secretary and Elementary.

He’s also appeared in The Punisher, StartUp, Mayans MC. and The Fosters.

Plana teaches Acting at California State University, Dominguez Hills, and Rio Hondo College when he’s not acting.

Eric Mabius – Daniel Meade

Daniel in Plum - Ugly Betty

Daniel Meade went from the disappointing Lothario with a lot to prove to an honorable man with impressive growth throughout the series, leading to a satisfying end.

Mabius gave us some of the best work of his career as Daniel Meade, but he’s had no shortage of incredible performance since then.

Since Ugly Betty, Mabius starred in the short-lived series Outcasts.

He’s also guest-starred in hit series Scandal, Blue Bloods, Political Animals and recurred in Chicago Fire.

Oliver at the Office

Mabius also landed the leading role in Hallmark’s Signed, Sealed, Delivered series, leading to various follow-up films, making him one of Hallmark’s leading men.

He’s appeared in many Christmas films, such as Haul Out the Holly, Welcome to Christmas, and It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas.

America Ferrera – Betty Suarez

Frankly, Betty Suarez ran so Jane the Virgin could fly.

Amused By Daniel - Ugly Betty

Betty Suarez is one of the most endearing characters that has ever been on the air.

It was purely delightful to watch her incredible arc as she evolved from a timid assistant to a strong woman who stood up for herself, knew her worth, and found success and love without compromising.

America Ferrera is an unstoppable force who has graced our screens in so many ways since Ugly Betty.

Most recently, you can see her in the MASSIVE Global Blockbuster film Barbie.

Gloria - Barbie (2023)

But since Ugly Betty, she also landed the lead role in the hit, critically acclaimed NBC workplace comedy Superstore.

She’s also appeared in WeCrashed, The Good Wife, Christine, Gentefied, and much more.

She’s appeared in films The Dry Land, Our Family Wedding, and End of Watch.

She’s directed the feature film I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter, executive produced and directed projects such as Gentefied, and she’s a prominent activist.

One Last Name Tag - Superstore Season 6 Episode 14

She’s done T.E.D. talks, campaigned for Democratic politicians such as Hillary Clinton, been the opening speaker at the Women’s March on Washington, and she’s even invested in a National Women’s Soccer League.

She’s done an extensive amount of voiceover work for many projects as well and generally keeps incredibly busy.

Over to you, Ugly Betty Fanatics.

Have you seen these stars in any other works?

Which cast member would you love to see in future projects?

Hit the comments below!

You can stream all four seasons of Ugly Betty on Netflix.

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