‘Superman & Lois’: Inde Navarrette Breaks Down Sarah’s Confusion After


[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Superman & Lois Season 2 Episode 5 “Girl…You’ll Be A Woman, Soon.”]

What should have been a joyous event — Sarah’s (Inde Navarrette) quinceañera — takes a heartbreaking turn for her family on Superman & Lois.

After finding out about her father Kyle’s (Erik Valdez) affair, Sarah can’t make it through the father-daughter dance. The subsequent family conversation is a tough one, but Lana (Emmanuelle Chriqui) tries to focus on celebrating her daughter while Kyle is left on the outside looking in. But as Lana says, she and Sarah are definitely going to need to pick each other up going forward.

Navarrette goes inside the episode and teases what’s ahead.

What was supposed to be a time of celebration was just heartbreaking for Sarah. What’s she feeling the most at the end of this episode — hurt, anger, shock? All of it?

Inde Navarrette: Shock and confusion because she’s at a point in her life — she just turned 15 — where, in her culture she’s becoming a woman, but also at the same time, she just doesn’t really understand everything that’s going on. She’s really confused ’cause she’s trying to understand all of the emotions that are coming up, but unless she has life experience, she just can’t get it.

We saw her push Kyle away in the immediate aftermath of the truth coming out. How is she feeling about her father?

She feels betrayed and extremely hurt. It’s her big day, and it was a milestone for her, and so she also feels as though that was almost taken away.

Inde Navarrette as Sarah Cushing in Superman & Lois

Bettina Strauss/The CW

Especially after the episode opened with them practicing their dance.

Yeah. And it’s also a betrayal ’cause Sarah was really looking forward to this day as a milestone to push her family in the right direction. They’ve had a really hard and tough path and Sarah’s looking past it and wanting to really heal as a family. This just is breaking her heart.

It seems like Sarah’s really going to be relying on her mother, but Lana’s also going to need someone to lean on to and she does bring up that Sarah’s strong enough to pick her up. How’s their relationship going forward?

Sarah and Lana’s relationship is going to flourish because there’s nothing stronger than a mother-daughter relationship in my opinion and my own mother and me, our relationship is one of the strongest I possibly have. So I see their relationship flourishing and just having each other’s backs ’cause a daughter needs a mother and a mother needs a daughter. I truly believe you’re gonna see immense amounts of strength shown in both parties.

Are they trying to keep this from Sophie (Joselyn Picard)?

I think it’s really difficult for a child that’s younger than Sarah, and for Sarah as well, to understand what’s going on. As of right now, the best possible outcome is to go about it in a healthy way so that all parties kind of understand what’s going on.

Inde Navarrette as Sarah Cushing, Alexander Garfin as Jordan Kent in Superman & Lois

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How much is Sarah going to be leaning on Jordan (Alex Garfin)?

I think Jordan and Sarah’s relationship is extremely unique, although they do come from different histories and families. I think that they can understand each other on a lot of different levels, although there are certain levels that they won’t be able to. This is a really important moment in Sarah’s life for her to need the right people around her to take care of her.

Lana told Clark (Tyler Hoechlin) he’s always there when it matters, and it seems like now more than ever Lana and Sarah are going to need people outside of the family. Will we see that?

We’re gonna see a huge community starting to form together in order to take care of each other, a village of strength.

The father-daughter dance was heartbreaking, especially after the joy while practicing earlier. Talk about filming those two scenes?

When you see Sarah and Kyle and Lana all dancing in the living room, filming that was so beautiful because we were just having fun. We didn’t necessarily have to think about lines or the way that we were supposed to be. It just was, and it was very beautiful and natural and just everything that a family would be in a living room. And when it cut to us actually having to film the father-daughter dance at the quinceañera, it was drastically different because you felt this tension in the room and you felt this complete shift from what the scene was before and what we felt before to now of just this utter heartbreak of what once was is no longer. You feel that separation and that tension.

How do you think the Sarah of now, after what just happened, would react if Jordan told her the truth about himself?

She would be extremely overwhelmed. I think she wouldn’t understand. She’d be able to understand the mechanics of it all, but I just think that her heart and her brain would just be way too overwhelmed with everything.

Would she view it as another betrayal?

I don’t know. I’d have to see where her brain’s at in the moment.

What else is coming up for Sarah?

You’re gonna see her trying to figure out how to take care of herself and trying to put up boundaries. She’s been hurt before and she knows how to forgive, but not necessarily forget, but to let go so that she can move on and live her life.

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