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    Stars Spill on the Good, the Bad & the Family

    With the first season of Ride well underway on Hallmark Channel, why not get to know the family at the heart of it a bit better?

    TV Insider sat down with Nancy Travis (Isabel McMurray), Beau Mirchoff (Cash McMurray), and Tiera Skovbye (Missy McMurray). Their characters are part of a small-town family keeping their ranch afloat and their place in the rodeo alive following the death of Marcus Rosner’s Austin. And so we decided to see which character is “most likely to…” to find out more.

    It wasn’t quite that easy for them to determine who’s most likely to sacrifice it all for family, since that’s something so important to all of them. “Family’s definitely the brass ring of this show. And it’s not just the people you’re related to. It’s the family of the community,” Travis says.

    That being said, would any of them screw over a family member to get ahead? Skovbye’s hesitant to name names, pointing out, “I feel like this is a family that’s very much, if one succeeds, we all succeed.”

    Travis did get a bit “dark” for a moment with, “the character that would do that is dead. Those people die.” Skovbye was quick to add, “not die because we killed them.” (In other words, there’s no train station here, like on Yellowstone.)

    While it’s easy to see how these characters have some wonderful traits, there are some things that they might be willing to do. For example, Cash would push himself too hard to win at the rodeo — and he knows exactly how he’d do it too. “Sometimes a lot of athletes do that where they don’t want to let other people down and themselves, and they’ve been working so hard at this thing to achieve, and when it comes, this culmination, the time to perform in eight seconds … and they actually use that justification,” Mirchoff explained.

    Watch the full video interview above with Travis, Mirchoff, and Skovbye for more about their characters.

    Ride, Sundays, 9/8c, Hallmark Channel

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