Single Drunk Female: Sofia Black-D’Elia & Ally Sheedy Join Producers


Single Drunk Female premieres tonight on Freeform, and you need to pay attention to the strikethrough in the title.

Sofia Black-D’Elia plays Samantha Fink, a young woman struggling with alcoholism when we first catch up with her, but her journey really begins when she gets sober.

Anybody who knows an alcoholic knows that journey is different for everyone, but they have to stick to some basic rules to make it through.

View from the Barcoloungers - Single Drunk Female

The first, of course, is to stop drinking.

To do that, you need a support system in place to keep you on the straight and narrow.

As many find in life, the people Sam has always leaned on may have encouraged her habit.

One of Sam’s most crucial relationships is with her mother, Carol, played by Ally Sheedy.

Sofia Black-D’Elia as Sam - Single Drunk Female

Carol welcomes Sam back home but doesn’t want her own life to be disrupted. A widow, Carol is getting her sea legs back and dating again.

She likes to have a drink with dinner. At one point, she even offers one to Sam in the “Oh, just a glass of white wine is OK, right” kind of way.

Although Single Drunk Female revolves around serious subject matter, it uses humor to tell the story, and Black-D’Elia and Sheedy are up for the challenge.

Freeform had a virtual press day for the series, and we chatted with Black-D’Elia and Sheedy about what makes their characters tick.

As you can readily see, laughter was on the menu.

We also spoke with the series creator, Simon Finch, and fellow producers Jenni Konner and Daisy Gardner.

Finch took inspiration from her own journey to sobriety, and she shared with us how she hopes that she has done justice to the journey she has taken, and others have experienced as well.

There’s more laughter to be had as the women discuss why this story matters and how the truth that permeates the story is well received.

Konner speaks to the impact Sam’s sobriety has on Carol’s life and how she navigates it.

Get some more insight into the show before it premieres tonight.

Single Drunk Female is a brutally honest portrayal of the realities of getting sober for the one who is changing and others who have to accept that person’s new normal.

Before the end of the first season, you will see Sam and Carol and the other influential people in their lives clearly, and they’ll seem like friends.

Be sure to tune into Single Drunk Female tonight on Freeform beginning at 10/9c for two back-to-back episodes to get the series rolling.

Subsequent episodes will air at 10:30/9:30c.

We’ll be reviewing the series, too, so please drop by tonight for a full review of the premiere episodes!

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