SEAL Team Season 6 Episode 1 Review: Take Care of


With the news that Max Thieriot accepted a series regular role on Fire Country, it was hard not to think that we were approaching the end of Clay’s journey.

SEAL Team Season 6 Episode 1 was a masterclass in writing, acting, and directing as Bravo Team fought for survival following the ambush that ended SEAL Team Season 5.

This team had been thrown into the most harrowing ordeal of their lives, and it was a miracle that any of them made it to safety.

Aftermath - SEAL Team

The team has always had tenacity, and they showed it during this fight like never before, even when they thought their friend and ally, Clay, was a goner.

Honestly, the first half of the season premiere was challenging to watch. Often, shows with such a big season finale would start the next season with a time jump.

Questioning Everything - SEAL Team Season 6 Episode 1

But the writers deserve much credit for taking viewers into the grueling fight for survival.

It was apparent Clay was in bad shape. The lower half of his leg was pretty much blown to smithereens.

Any attempt to keep it together was just a short-term measure until they could get to safety.

Even when it looked like Clay was a goner, he managed to bounce back and patch up his injuries in the best way he could, given the circumstances.

Hiding - SEAL Team Season 6 Episode 1

There had to be severe ramifications from this mission to be the driving force for the season ahead.

Even at the hospital, Clay’s condition didn’t give me the fuzzies. He was hanging by a thread, and it was inevitable he would flatline at one point.

Stella: What is it?
Jason: Clay’s been stabilized.
Stella: What are you not telling me?
Jason: Well, the infection was spreading. So the doctors did what was necessary in order to save his life.

TV shows love having their characters flatline in the hospital, but many factors here led me to believe we would be saying goodbye to Clay.

Thankfully, he pulled through… for now, and maybe Thieriot will be off-screen for some time as the actor works on Fire Country.

Waiting for News - SEAL Team Season 6 Episode 1

He will struggle in the aftermath of his leg being amputated. He was vocal about wanting to leave Bravo Team behind, and this close call has changed his outlook on life.

Sonny staying behind to look after Clay was as full-circle as a moment we’ll get between these two.

They’ve had their issues in the past, but now, they’re bonded for life.

Stella learning about the situation with Clay made for some intense scenes.

Understandably, her first instinct was to try to contact him, so it was highly satisfying to see them video chat with one another later in the episode.

The Aftermath - SEAL Team Season 6 Episode 1

The families of Bravo Six come together when one of their own is in peril, which was on full display here.

Jason blaming himself for Clay being on the mission, to begin with was par for the course, but at least it showed that he’s thinking more critically about his actions.

Sonny: Look, I wouldn’t do Stella no good pacing around all anxious-like. Let me stay and watch over him. Okay, boss?
Jason: Take care of our boy.
Sonny: Roger that.

One of his major flaws is that he bottles everything up, which doesn’t help in the long run.

Coming clean to Mandy about his thought process shocked her because she was so accustomed to him not talking to her.

Tenions Mount - SEAL Team Season 6 Episode 1

That’s partly why their relationship hit a snag on SEAL Team Season 5, but now, they’re communicating much better.

Maybe there’s hope for this relationship yet, but plenty can go wrong with another nine episodes ahead of us.

For now, I’m happy they’re at least moving in the right direction.

The mystery surrounding the ambush will likely be a big driving force for the season ahead.

A Devastating Call - SEAL Team Season 6 Episode 1

Blackburn telling Davis to forget about it was a shocker, but do we really think Davis will let this slide?

It’s horrifying that Davis isn’t allowed to have a theory or an opinion without it being diminished.

Jason: All right. You take this pill.
Clay: I’m hungry, man. But I want a Big Mac and some fries.
Jason: There you go. Take that pill, then you can have your fսcking Happy Meal, okay?

Surely, after such a big, cataclysmic event, an investigation into how such a well-coordinated attack on Bravo Six would be high on the agenda.

It sounds more like everyone else wants to brush this under the rug, but that won’t appease any of the team members and those in their orbit.

Ray on the Move - SEAL Team Season 6 Episode 1

Every single member of the team could have been killed and probably would have if it wasn’t for Jason going into the lion’s den.

Jason understood the assignment to save his team; unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like anyone beyond their families, and Davis cares about it.

“Low Impact” featured high-stakes and a lot of pay-off for long-term fans of the series.

If this is the shape of things to come in the shortest season to date, then we should be very excited.

Jason Moves - SEAL Team Season 6 Episode 1

Fewer episodes usually mean a show is nearing the end of its run, but this is a response to the move to Paramount+.

Jason: Hey. We’re not gonna last 15 minutes here.
Ray: Not with those RPGs handing us our ass.
Jason: We gotta take out that position.

Streaming shows typically have around 10 episodes per season, and personally, a more concise season with a clear direction is the best foot forward.

SEAL Team is back and more captivating than ever.

What are your thoughts on Clay’s leg being amputated?

Sonny on the Mission - SEAL Team Season 6 Episode 1

Did you think he would die?

What are your thoughts on Jason opening up to Mandy?

Do you think Davis will give up on her search for answers?

Hit the comments.

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