NBC Promos 1992-93


Here’s a collection of NBC promos which aired between 1992 and 1993. Given the turnaround time on the production of television shows and the fact that network TV promos are ephemeral, there’s little likelihood that these spots were every copyrighted, although the programs themselves were. For a portion of the video the sound drops out – sorry, there was little I could do about it.

0:00 The Powers That Be
0:35 Hot Country Nights
0:45 The Fresh Prince/Blossom Hour
1:06 Mann & Machine
1:20 Empty Nest
1:31 Danielle Steel’s Kaleidoscope
1:34 One on One with John Tesh – Chevy Chase
1:43 NBA on NBC
1:54 In the Heat of the Night
2:15 Days of Our Lives
2:35 In the Line of Duty: A Cop for the Killing (TV Movie)
2:45 Night of 1000 Laughs
2:49 Dateline NBC
3:10 The Nightman (Joanna Kerns TV Movie)
3:50 Bob Hope’s Comedy Olympics
4:01 The Today Show
4:21 Empty Nest
4:31 Mann & Machine
4:51 In the Heat of the Night
5:01 Law and Order
5:12 Barcelona ’92 Summer Olympics
5:16 Steel Justice (TV Movie)
5:37 Danielle Steel’s Secrets
5:57 Dateline NBC
6:08 The Keys (TV Movie)
6:18 The Fifth Corner (TV Movie)
6:48 SNL (Sharon Stone, Wayne’s World skit)
6:59 Revolver (TV Movie)
7:20 Here and Now
7:40 Maximum Security: Secret Service the Movie/The Hard Way
8:14 Fatal Memories (Shelley Long TV Movie)
8:35 Geraldo Mania – Empty Nest & Nurses
8:55 Fresh Prince of Bel Air with Oprah
9:11 Blossom
9:16 Quantum Leap
9:36 The More You Know (Marlee Matlin)
9:46 Patti LaBelle’s Out All Night
10:07 A Child Lost Forever (TV Movie)
10:27 Sisters
10:47 Deadly Matrimony (Treat Williams/Brian Dennehy TV Movie)
11:11 Secret Service/I Witness Video
11:32 Dateline
11:52 Secret Service/I Witness Video
12:12 Jury of One: From the Files of Joseph Wambaugh (TV Movie)
12:37 Dateline NBC
12:57 Revenge on the Highway (Stacy Keach TV Movie)
13:17 Reasonable Doubts
13:38 Shadow of a Stranger (TV Movie)
13:43 Seinfeld/Mad About You
14:03 Love Can Be Murder (Jaclyn Smith/Corben Bernsen TV Movie)
14:13 Sisters (William Katt)
14:23 Quantum Leap (“Daughter of Sin”)
14:27 Quantum Leap (“Home for the Holidays”)
14:47 Quantum Leap (“A Tale of Two Sweeties”)
14:57 Secret Service/I-Witness Video
15:18 IWitness Video
15:38 Pure Luck
15:43 Empty Nest/Nurses
16:03 She Says She’s Innocent (Katy Sagal/Alan Rachins/Charlotte Ross TV Movie)
16:24 The Today Show
16:28 Dateline
16:38 NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw

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