Injustice: Psychological Thriller (Season 1 Complete Collection)


After suffering a nervous breakdown, high profile defence barrister William Travers turned his back on the murder cases that made him his name and moved with his family to Suffolk.

Despite strong opposition from his wife Jane, Travers decides to visit the murder suspect and old university friend Martin Newall. As Travers is drawn into Newall’s case, he finds himself plunged into a conspiracy which stretches far beyond the courtroom while fighting off the forces that threaten to destroy him once again. Meanwhile, detective Mark Wenborn is determined to track down the perpetrator of a murder on a Suffolk farm.

William Travers continues to probe into the Martin Newall murder case while valiantly fighting off the ghosts of his past. Sure that the missing laptop will hold the key, Travers and Natalie Chandra visit the scene of the crime and meet the chambermaid who will become a key witness. Meanwhile, Jane is on a quest to find out more about Alan Stewart, the young offender whose debut novel she would love to publish.

Travers and Natalie Chandra are shocked to discover that Lucy Wilson had a history for blackmail, strengthening the prosecution’s case against Martin Newall. With Wenborn breathing down Travers’s neck, the pressure really mounts. When Wenborn finds out that his wife Maggie has been caught shoplifting, causing him professional embarrassment, he lashes out at her. Later, he stumbles across a crucial coincidence.

Jameel Khan comes forward to say that he deliberately planted Lucy in the Qestrel office and encouraged her affair to get evidence of the firm’s illegal dumping of toxic waste in Africa, collected by a ship called the Agadir. Will makes full use of this at Martin’s trial.

Though he looks like a perfectly happy and successful man, defence barrister William Travers has yet to recover completely from a traumatic series of events that left him without faith in the legal system. Despite this, he returns to the courtroom when an old friend, Martin Newall, finds himself facing murder and conspiracy charges while being investigated by spiteful detective DS Mark Wenborn. This psychological thriller examines morality and the question of what a defence barrister is to do after finding out that his client is guilty.

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