Go-Big Show Sneak Peek: More Fire, More Pain


Be prepared for the unbelievable on the second round of semi-finals on TBS’s Go-Big Show.

There will be heights and dirt bikes and other feats of physical and adrenalizing extremes.

TV Fanatic is pleased to present to you two of the most mind-blowing acts on tonight’s docket.

Go-Big Show

There’s something about fire and the Go-Big Show.

Throughout Season 2, we’ve been wowed by daredevils on fire, magicians on fire, escape artists on fire, and even Rubik’s Cube solvers on fire.

Tonight, Tori Boggs, World Jump Rope Champion, demonstrates how much fire she’s willing to jump through to win the prize.

Tori Boggs on Fire

Boggs hasn’t been crowned Jump Rope Champion once. She has topped the podium THIRTY times.

She’s been featured on both America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent.

She’s performed as part of Cirque du Soleil and twenty times held national records.

Tori Boggs

Setting her rope on fire is just the start.

First, it’s one. Then, it’s the two Double Dutch ropes.

Then it’s a phenomenal THREE jump ropes, with her bringing a solo one into the Double Dutch setup, jumping the whole time.

It’s pretty spectacular, I’ll admit.

Next up, the Horse returns. Zac Gordon, the King of the Nut Shot (read his robe), is BACK.

When last we saw him on Go-Big Show Season 2 Episode 3, he took multiple hits to the groin — including an actual pogo stick — and came up smiling.

This time, the stakes are higher, and the hits are harder.

He equips the judges with ball guns and then dares them to hit his “BALL’s eye.”

Horse and his Ball's Eye

Rosario Dawson gets in a couple of on-target hits, and judging from the impact marks where the balls hit elsewhere on his body, there’s some heft behind those guns.

Still, nothing slows him down.

Not even being raised thirty feet in the air to be dropped, balls first, onto eight wooden beams.

Horse's Fence

Yeah, that’s the trick.

It’s hard to watch, but, my god, you cannot look away.

I may have been skeptical at the beginning about his right to the throne, but Horse’s claim to his crown is probably a solid one.

King of the Nut Shot

Like anyone’s going to challenge him for it, right?

One day, we’ll have a discussion on talent versus skill versus pure freak ability.

But for today, enjoy the cringiest, craziest act on TV tonight: Horse, the King of the Nut Shot.

Who will continue to the finals?

Tune in tonight and find out!

TBS’s Go-Big Show airs Thursdays 9/8c.

Diana Keng is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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