Days of Our Lives Round Table: Who Stabbed Sonny?


Sonny was stabbed, and Leo’s everyone’s prime suspect, but did he do it, or is he being framed?

Our TV Fanatics, Jack and Christine, are joined by Silvananoir from MyHourglass, a Days of Our Lives fan forum, to debate who attacked Sonny, Chloe lecturing Nicole, if Alex is flirty or creepy, and who is the most mismatched couple in Salem.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Any ideas about who attacked Sonny and why? Do you hope Sonny survives?

Silvananoir: I think it’s Chad. I know it’s crazy, and most people believe it is Leo. With Gwen pretty firmly alibied, she’s out of the running.

The killer could be a copycat, but now I’m team Killer Chad in a fugue state.

Also, I do hope Sonny survives. He’s sometimes a bit self-righteous, but I enjoy the character, and we can’t have Titan lose yet another CEO.

Jack: I’m completely lost. Obviously, someone is framing Leo. It would seem the same person killed Abigail, but is that the case?

Sonny Tries to Convince Stephanie - Days of Our Lives

And who hates Leo AND Sonny enough they would attack Sonny to implicate Leo? The only person I can think of who might do such a thing is Clyde, but he was exonerated in Abigail’s case.

In any case, I hope Sonny survives because I’m sick of the death and destruction in Salem.

Christine: I’m at a total loss! I kept hoping the killer was Gwen, so there was the possibility we’d get rid of her, but now that seems unlikely.

Leo is clearly being framed, but by whom? I wondered if Kristen killed Abigail, but she had no reason to set up Leo and try to kill Sonny.

Sonny has to survive! Abigail’s murder was more than enough for the year. And as much as Sonny can annoy me from time to time, I still love him and love him paired with Will, so he has to stick around.

Your turn, Days fans. Do you think Leo stabbed Sonny?

Chloe Worries / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Is Chloe right? Is Nicole acting like a wacko? Or does Nicole have the right to be concerned about Eric?

Silvananoir: Yes. My girl Chloe was dropping truth bombs on pretty much everyone she talked to this week. She was 1000% right with Nicole. She’s acting like a jealous wife when she’s married to Rafe.

Nicole needs to make up her mind and stop waffling and stringing Eric along. Either she wants her marriage, a marriage she ruined a friendship for, or she wants to be with Eric.

But she needs to choose. Unless she chooses Eric or she really does find out some damaging info about Jada, she has no right to be concerned about Eric’s love life.

Jack: Chloe is absolutely correct. Nicole is borderline stalking Jada, and doing a background check “to protect Eric” goes way beyond reasonable concern.

Nicole can be concerned about her friend’s choices, but not like this. This is ridiculous.

Christine: Chloe was spot on. Nicole is being ridiculous. She’s become obsessed with Eric and has made Jada the villain.

It was about time someone called her out on this nonsense, and it’s even better that it was her best friend.

Leo's Surprise Visit - Days of Our Lives

Chad said Gwen was a monster but accused Leo of murdering Abigail. Who do you feel is worse? Gwen or Leo?

Silvananoir: Leo. He’s a complete backstabber. At least Gwen can feel remorse and has some loyalty. Leo’s only loyalty is to Leo, and he destroyed the one friendship he had in this town. Gwen may be a snake, but Leo is the actual monster.

Jack: First of all, Gwen called Leo and asked him to kill Abigail over the stupid broken cup, which he told her was ridiculous, a detail which seems to have been forgotten.

Leo was a crappy friend in the end. He lied about Gwen to save his own skin.

But Gwen does nothing but cause trouble for others, and the jury is still out on whether she purposely killed Laura or not. So she’s definitely worse.

Christine: Gwen is definitely worse. Leo is a con man. He’s done some horrible things to earn a quick buck or to get his revenge, and it was disappointing that he turned on Gwen to save himself.

But Gwen poisoned Sarah so she could have Xander. She asked Leo to kill Abigail after she broke that mug.

Gwen is psychologically unbalanced, and I find her far scarier than Leo.

The Upper Hand - Days of Our Lives

Who is the most mismatched couple in Salem right now? And are there other people with whom you’d prefer to see them paired?

Silvananoir: Brady and Chloe with a second on Allie and Chanel. I’m not feeling either one of them.

Broe is completely boring, at least to me. Bless the actors for trying, but I’m not feeling it. I’m being told of their love, but I’m not seeing it. Hopefully, the new storyline adds something there.

As for Allie and Chanel, I want to like them, but again I’m not feeling a lot of the chemistry. They need something to do here.

Allie had more chemistry with Tripp, but again, it could be that, like Rafe and Nicole, they had way better friendship chemistry and not great relationship chemistry.

Alex Dates Two Women - Days of Our Lives

Jack: Allie/Chanel. There’s zero chemistry, and Allie is whiny and immature. Chanel has chemistry with literally anyone but Allie, boy or girl.

Brady and Chloe are boring, but I still prefer them to Brady/Kristen. I wish Lani would come back to town ready to pursue her secret feelings for Kristen.

Christine: Nicole and Rafe have no passion. They’re friends, which is fine but not very compelling to watch.

We all know that Nicole will eventually end up back with Eric. I have no idea who I’d pair with Jada. She and Rafe get along well as colleagues and friends, but things tend to go poorly for Rafe when it comes to romance.

Alex is Smitten / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Do you consider Alex’s attention towards Stephanie flirty, romantic, obsessive, or creepy?

Silvananoir: Flirty but rounding the creepy corner. The actor is doing his best, but I’m not really feeling Alex.

I get that they are using Stephanie to soften the character and that the writers made him this way to separate Alex from Ben in our minds, but Alex is just a lot.

They really need to tone it down a bit. Alex isn’t a bad person so far, but he’s a little too intense to a woman he met five minutes ago.

Jack: Obsessive bordering on creepy. He stops short of actually sexually assaulting Stephanie (thankfully!), but he’s continually harassing her after she’s said she isn’t interested.

Stephanie Returns to Salem! - Days of Our Lives

Bonnie said it was a given that Alex should back off if Stephanie isn’t interested, but that’s the entire problem. She isn’t interested, and he’s not backing off.

And it’s not like he’s willing to be friends for now and dropping hints that he wants something more. Every time he sees her, he asks 15 times to have sex with her.

The fact that she hugged Chad seems to take precedence for him over the fact that his half-brother is in surgery, fighting for his life. Ugh!

Christine: Alex is flirty, romantic, obsessive, and creepy, depending upon the scene, and it’s exhausting to watch.

Alex can go from cute to creepy in record time, and I wish they’d pull back on his over-the-top personality just a bit before he becomes unlikable.

Orpheus' Latest Request - Days of Our Lives

Are you enjoying Orpheus’ cat and mouse games now that he’s back in Salem?

Silvananoir: Not really. How many times is he going to do this? The only thing that I really like about this story is that it gives all the vets something to do and that they are together. It got Roman out of the pub, so that’s a plus.

Jack: I didn’t enjoy the beginning of this kidnapping story because it was stupid.

But this latest installment was classic Orpheus. While I generally hate the damsel in distress motif, this story had everything that made Orpheus my favorite villain back in the 1980s, and I’m curious as to what he’s up to next.

I just wish John et al. had the brains to get out of there before they started celebrating!

Christine: The damsel in distress trope made this yawn-worthy as all three women sat waiting for their men to come to rescue them.

Orpheus’ games can be intriguing, but I hope we can move on to something better than him stealing the women to make the men suffer or else I may end up napping during the show.

A Scandalous Accusation - Days of Our Lives

Who had more reason to be angry? Johnny, because EJ recorded a private conversation and used it to his advantage? Or EJ because Johnny voted against him and took Ava’s side?

Silvananoir: Johnny. EJ had Johnny’s vote. It wasn’t until EJ used that recording that Johnny turned on him. EJ has to know he had children with Sami Brady. Sami and her children are petty people when they feel like they’ve been wronged.

EJ was so focused on discrediting the weakest link in Gabi’s alliance that he hurt his son. And his son hurt him right back. If EJ had told Johnny about the recording instead of doing it so publicly, this might not have happened.

Jack: Johnny. Definitely, Johnny.

EJ Welcomes Ava - Days of Our Lives

EJ using Ava’s alleged mental illness against her was craven enough, but secretly recording what was supposed to be a casual conversation with his son was sickening.

EJ is willing to throw away everything to get Ava, including his relationship with Johnny, and deserves whatever consequences he suffers.

Christine: Johnny should be furious! His father recorded a private conversation between them and used it in a board meeting to discredit someone Johnny considers a friend.

I generally love EJ, but he deserves everything he gets for this one.

Shawn Needs Help - Days of Our Lives

What disappointed you the most this week in Salem?

Silvananoir: I wish Shelle had talked more about their issues before reuniting. I love that Chloe gave Shawn great advice. That she asked him what he wanted, but the problem is Shelle never talk about their problems.

Belle cheated again and was completely ready to try to have a relationship with EJ, and Shawn didn’t consult her on the Jan situation.

It was a mess that they once again haven’t dealt with, which means it is going to happen again.

Will Roman Forgive Kate? - Days of Our Lives

Jack: While I enjoyed the Orpheus storyline, Steve was a real pill during it, and I usually like Steve!

For the most part, he was a naysayer who was worried about falling into a trap, and it annoyed me when he thought Roman was wrong about Orpheus’ first clue when Roman knows Orpheus better than anyone.

Also, Nicole, listen to Chloe, please! I’m so annoyed that the writers finally put the couple I’ve shipped for years (Nicole/Rafe) together, only to tear them apart and destroy Nicole’s character in the process.

Christine: Did Roman really shoot his weapon without seeing at whom he was shooting? It could have been a kid, and it was an innocent person. No wonder Orpheus is so pissed.

Orpheus' Mysterious Package - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline on this week’s Days of Our Lives?

Silvananoir: I loved advice columnist Chloe this week. I mean, her own relationship is a wreck, but she was great with Shawn and Nicole.

Shawn listened, and I hope Shelle really try to work on their relationship because they are becoming hard to root for.

But Nicole hopefully listens as well. I also kind of love Rolf talking smack about Gabi. It was actually funny, and the brainwashing was a bit interesting.

Jack: Tony cracked me up with his quiet sarcasm a lot. This exchange between him and EJ still has me laughing a few days later:

Tony: You’re saying all the right things, but I know that twinkle in your eye. What are you really up to?
EJ: Who says I’m up to something?
Tony: Well, first of all, because you are you.
EJ: Fair point.

Rolf Confronts Li / Tall - Days of Our Lives

I also enjoyed Wai Shin’s appearance. I liked him putting his wayward son in his place.

Wai Shin: I wanted to talk to you about company business… and your relationship.
Li Shin: But you already gave our relationship your blessing!
Wai Shin: That was before I walked in on you about to fornicate on company property.

Christine: Loved Kate and Kayla’s sparring: “And thanks for nothing, Sweetness.” Paulina threatening to kick Orpheus’ “skinny ass to the curb” was amusing.

But Chloe stole the show when she called out Nicole for her ridiculous behavior.

Now, it’s your turn, Days fans. Who do you think stabbed Sonny? Will he survive? Do you find Alex flirty or creepy? And who is your mismatched couple?

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