10 SpongeBob References You Missed in OTHER Animated Movies and


10 SpongeBob References in OTHER Animated Movies and TV Shows!
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For a show that has been around nearly 20 years, you know that it has a lot of influence in pop-culture. Of course, we’re talking about the Nickelodeon hit SpongeBob Squarepants. With multiple movies and hundreds of episodes, SpongeBob has not only appeared in its own content, but references to the show have been made in numerous movies and television shows.

One of the newest popular cartoons is Rick & Morty. The cast and producers of the show actually created their own improvised episode of Rick & Morty as if they were to crossover into the world of SpongeBob. In the film Alvin and the Chipmunks, the lazy rodents spend a lot of time watching SpongeBob while they pig out on snacks. In the TV movie Jimmy Neutron: Operation Jet Fusion, Jimmy swims underwater and goes right past a pineapple sitting on the ocean floor. One of Nick’s newest hits is Loud House and the show has featured numerous SpongeBob references. Phineas and Ferb features some former SpongeBob writers, so it was only fitting that the characters would discover SpongeBob and Patrick while digging at a beach. The Simpsons loves to reference so much in pop-culture and SpongeBob has been featured on the show for numerous years. Family Guy used Peter to showcase how adults still love watching SpongeBob. The anime series Gurren Lagann features a cameo from Squidward in one of the more unsuspected places. South Park has showcased SpongeBob one time in a blink and you’ll miss scene from a Halloween party. Futurama gave a futuristic take on the whole SpongeBob franchise. Watch and see all these SpongeBob references found on other shows!

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