Tiny Harris Talks About The Kids/Teenagers Music Stage

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    Tiny Harris Talks About The Kids/Teenagers Music Stage

    Tiny Harris shared a message on her social media account in which she shows people how the musical stage for kids and teenagers going. Check out the post that she shared on her social media account.

    ‘My name is Reginae but you can call me baby carteerrrrrrrr”What a timeeeeee to be alive mane,’ someone said and another follower posted this: ‘Boy it’s over was the best song and lover boy.’

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    Someone else said: ‘They painted the worldddd made my childhood the best and was such a big impact I can’t do my hair without color still because of them.’

    A follower said: ‘They should have NEVER broken up because they were really so talented. Imagine where they would be now!! @zonniquejailee @_beautifulrose @majorgirl.’

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    One other commenter posted this: ‘Lol chileeeeee they were definitely totally different city girls been explicit since they hit the seen omg girls were kiddy.’

    Someone said: ‘I remember they performed at greenbriar mall I begged my mama to color my hair like them,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘Let’s not forget Reginae was definitely one of the OMG girlz.’

    A fan said: ‘Hell yeah I remember the ladies dropping this. During my early radio stations days! @majorgirl everybody all grown up now!’

    Someone else said: ‘Now @majorgirl you know they gone take this and run just cause u said REAL development.’

    A fan said: ‘They are all doing so well separated too which I love gotta still support them as individuals.’

    Tiny Harris   spend some great days with T.I. in Miami and she made sure to keep her fans and followers updated via social media. Check out the post that she shared below.

    Someone said: ‘Good to see you and TIP on South Beach yesterday! I had to hold myself back from causing a scene lol.’

    It’s been just revealed that Tiny Harris   responded following some claims about Bernice Burgos. Check out the reports that have been shared by The Shade Room.


    ‘ShekinahAnderson recently went on live and spilled a whole lot of tea about #Tiny and #TI. During the live, she alleged she was told she needed to fight #BerniceBurgos over the of Bernice and Tip possibly dating. Tiny responded with a message on her IG story shortly after clips from the live started making their rounds,’ The Shade Room noted.

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