‘Sister Wives’: Kody Goes Off On Christine For Wanting To

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    ‘Sister Wives’: Kody Goes Off On Christine For Wanting To

    kody brown View gallery Janelle is in Flagstaff, AZ, on Sister Wives. Janelle is in Flagstaff, AZ, on Sister Wives. Image Credit: TLC

    Christine Brown and Kody Brown met up for the first time since she moved his stuff out of their house on the Sept. 11 episode of Sister Wives. Following Christine’s big decision during last season’s finale, Kody wanted some answers. During the talk, which was filmed in winter 2021, Christine maintained that she no longer wanted to be with Kody if he wasn’t attracted to her and didn’t want an intimate marriage with her. However, he insisted that he never said that they wouldn’t be intimate again.

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    “I just shrugged my shoulders,” Kody insisted. “I didn’t tell you it was over. I didn’t use those words [that I wasn’t attracted to you] at all. I just shrugged my shoulders and said, ‘We’ll see.’ I didn’t use those words.” Kody’s stance was that he didn’t want to be intimate with Christine because of her behavior, including that she was supposedly telling other family members for several months prior that she didn’t want to be with him anymore. “I’m not fooling around with a woman who’s talking about leaving me,” he shared.

    kody brownKody Brown on the Sept. 11 episode of ‘Sister Wives.’ (TLC)

    Christine was certain that Kody didn’t “just shrug his shoulders,” but either way, she wanted more from her husband than a shoulder shrug. Christine flat-out told Kody once again that she wants to end their relationship. She explained that their marriage had been disintegrating for years, and that she started noticing issues in 2010 when she was pregnant with their daughter, Truely, and working nights in 2010. Christine said Kody wasn’t there to support her and their kids the way she needed at the time.

    The tense conversation continued for more than half the episode. Christine questioned why Kody would even want to still hold onto their relationship when it was as bad as it was. Meanwhile, he slammed her for not treating her sister wives with “respect.” However, he said that he wanted to try and reconcile for the sake of their children.

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    christine brownChristine Brown during her conversation with Kody. (TLC)

    At that point, Christine put her foot down and insisted that she no longer wanted to be married to Kody. She also said she wanted to move to Utah with the kids because there were other family members who lived that that actually wanted to spend time with her. Kody was completely caught off guard by this decision. “We have a family together still,” Kody said. “Alright, we’re not lovers anymore, but our family is still a family. How do we do that?”

    Christine explained that she didn’t know how to function with Kody as a family anymore. Kody shared his fears that Christine would leave with the kids and meet someone else who would want access to his money. Christine promised that that wouldn’t happen. “Everything Kody is saying and how he’s behaving is confirming my decision,” Christine admitted. “I made the right decision. He’s not safe for me. There’s no doubt in my mind that I chose correctly.”

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    The episode ended in the midst of Kody and Christine’s conversation. The two eventually ended up announcing their split in Oct. 2021, so there’s still plenty left to happen on this season before then! Sister Wives airs Sundays on TLC.

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