Megan Thee Stallion’s Mixtape Is Here, And People Are Already

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    Megan Thee Stallion’s Mixtape Is Here, And People Are Already

    Screaming, crying, throwing up.

    Happy Halloween, hotties!

    It’s finally here!! Megan Thee Stallion just released her surprise mixtape that she teased earlier this week as a collection of songs from “thee archives.”

    @theestallion / Via Twitter: @theestallion

    Basically, it’s a whole-ass mixtape that includes a mixture of some of her previously released freestyles and 10 unreleased songs — 21 total tracks.

    Y’all, that’s TEN new songs.

    Plus, a never-before-heard version of “Thot Shit.”

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    Megan Thee Stallion / 1501 Certified 300 / Via

    Not gonna lie, some of these songs go harder than Good News, her debut album from 2020.

    GIPHY / Via

    If you’ve gotten to “Megan Monday Freestyle,” you know what I mean. 

    Megan really did the most on “Something for Thee Hotties,” including producing some of her own songs.

    I played the piano part in the beat lol I’m excited for y’all to hear it

    02:28 PM – 27 Oct 2021

    @theestallion / Via Twitter: @theestallion

    Needless to say, the hotties are pleased:

    @j_yabiel / Via Twitter: @j_yabiel @keyon / Via Twitter: @keyon @radbumma / Via Twitter: @radbumma @Moodie32 / Via Twitter: @Moodie32

    Yoooo, @theestallion got me starting off the weekend RIGHT with her new Freestyle Album

    02:51 PM – 29 Oct 2021

    @Ouu_Stackzz / Via Twitter: @Ouu_Stackzz

    Megan’s Piano into the VickeeLo & Dino skit into Eat It!???? @theestallion THANK YOU.

    02:56 PM – 29 Oct 2021

    @KhaliaEvette / Via Twitter: @KhaliaEvette

    Have y’all listened yet? Let me know your favorite songs in the comments below!

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