Masika Kalysha Drops An Important Message About DNA


Masika Kalysha is dropping an important message about DNA these days. Check out what she had to say about it and see some of the people’s reactions.

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Someone said: ‘I have been saying for yrs DNA testing should b mandatory n normalized for men! Knowin w/o a shadow of doubt jus as much as that baby is mine it’s urs too‼️ it’s just another form of a birth certificate in my eyes plus for the chic if u sure it’s his why should it b a problem.’

One commenter posted this: ‘Chile some of us know who our baby father is so it’s not a issue.’

A follower saiad: ‘So if you married you going to take a dna test too ? Y’all just be saying anything on this app,’ and someone else posted this: ‘Chile some of us know who our baby father is so it’s not a issue.’

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Someone else said: ‘Well for those women who don’t always sleep around with multiple men it’s disrespectful to ask to take the DNA test especially if they know  % whose the baby father.’

A follower said: ‘Or or or check this out don’t be sleeping with the entire city and you won’t have to figure out who the pappy is but the again @thejerryspringershow does need new episodes.’

A fan said: ‘@masikakalysha Did you really think this statement through? What about people who are married what about people who are actually in committed relationships why would they need to take DNA test? The only people that need to take DNA tests are people who are unsure. Not everybody is confused about who the father of their child is and not every man is confused about if they are the father of a child.’


Fans also offered love to Masika.

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