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“The Bachelorette” Men Tell All: Gabby vs. Mario & Tyler for Bachelor?

A season with two Bachelorettes demanded two nights of fantasy suites—and boy, they did not disappoint.

Before we get to the dramatic events of the Sept. 6 episode of The Bachelorette, however, if you didn’t watch the first night of fantasy suites on Sept. 5, there’s plenty to catch up on. 

Here’s a quick recap: Johnny told Gabby that he wasn’t ready for an engagement and left before even making it to the suite. Erich told Gabby that he wasn’t happy with the idea of her sleeping with other men, which made Gabby understandably upset. Meanwhile, Jason told host Jesse Palmer that he wasn’t falling in love with Gabby, though he’s yet to break the news to her.

On Rachel’s side, she and Aven had a great date, which culminated with Rachel saying “Aven is the full package” after their night in the fantasy suite. Her date with perceived frontrunner Tino was even better, as both Rachel and Tino confessed they were in love with each other.

OK, you’re all caught up. 

Night two started on the morning of Gabby and Jason’s overnight date—or at least that’s what Gabby thought. As he already made clear, Jason had plans to tell Gabby that he was very uncertain of a potential future with her. Despite his intentions, however, the two played a very awkward game of tennis with the threat of Jason’s pronouncement looming in the air.

At dinner, the other shoe dropped.

“Obviously, I do know that I’m into you. When I’m with you, I’m having some of the best days ever,” Jason told Gabby. “I know the expectation of this for a lot of people is getting engaged and being fully in love. To be completely transparent and honest, I don’t think I’m fully there yet.”

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