Drew Barrymore Talks About Why She Would Not Let Her


Drew Barrymore is pretty much a veteran in Hollywood at this point. She is one of the most oldest and well-regarded actresses in Hollywood right now and one of the reasons for that is that Barrymore’s career began way earlier than most people’s. Barrymore was one of the most iconic child stars in Hollywood after her renowned performance in 1982’s E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.

However, despite her performances in her childhood being one of the crucial factors behind her success as an actress, Barrymore has been open about the struggles of being a child actress throughout her career and has maintained that she was exposed to way too much way too quickly. And now, as the question arises whether Barrymore would let her own children venture into the industry around the same age that Barrymore first did, the answer is a flat no from the mother of 2.

During Uninterrupted’s  The  Shop series, which is produced by LeBron James and Maverick Carter, Barrymore spoke on the matter. She was asked whether it was a good idea to let children enter the industry and she said no. She did acknowledge the irony of the fact that her tenure as a child actress being the reason behind her success.

“That’s the irony. I love my life,” said Barrymore.

But she followed it up with, “I as a parent don’t have the ability to say, ‘It’s a great idea.'”

Barrymore further talked about what happened to her as a child when she was thrown into the industry.

“I think I believe the answer is what happened to me is [that] you just get so much access.”

Barrymore also addressed what it was like having her mother as her manager and how she was exposed to the life of the adults at a very young age, which she shouldn’t have been.

“My mom was bananas. My mom took me to Studio 54, she would get into the clubs. But I don’t think that kids should live like adults.”

Barrymore is mother to 2 daughters, named Olive and Frankie.


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