Cynthia Bailey Reveals the One Thing “Nobody Talks About” on


What you can expect to see on both versions of the show is drama. Cynthia found herself in a bit of a feud with Todd Bridges this season, and at one point, Mike even started to weigh in on Twitter. 

Thankfully, “everything is cool” now, Cynthia said, “We had a moment because I voted to keep Teddi Mellencamp in, who was a part of my alliance, and he got on the block last minute…it was a mess and [he] was in his feelings I didn’t vote for him. I’m like, ‘Todd, I’m not even in your alliance!'”

From there, things “escalated” and Cynthia’s alter-ego “50 Cynt” came out. “And you know the rest,” she added with a laugh. “But we’re good now.”

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