Tonstartssbandht Reissuing Three Albums, Share New Video for Single “5ft7”


Fire Talk Records is reissuing three early albums by Florida duo Tonstartssbandht. The LPs—2009’s An When and Dick Nights, and 2011’s Hymn—are out now digitally and will be released physically on July 15. It marks the first time ever that the latter two albums will be pressed on vinyl. Tonstartssbandht are also sharing a new music video for their 2009 track “5ft7,” featuring live performance footage from that era. Check it out below.

“We self-released these three albums in the early days of Tonstartssbandht, our cherished ‘Montreal era,’” the band said in a statement. “They were made in the late aughts and early ’10s, over a period of time when we first started to feel like a real band. Working at times both separately and together, we began to feed all of our energy into this new project, witnessing our own style begin to evolve, and putting our faith in each other that this is what we want to do.”

Last year, the brother duo of Andy and Edwin White released Petunia, their first Tonstartssbandht album in four years. See where Petunia landed on Pitchfork’s list of “The Best Rock Albums of 2021.”


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