My Idea share bittersweet single “Crutch”: Stream


Last month, Palberta’s Lily Koningsberg and Water from Your Eyes’ Nate Amos announced the formation of their new duo, My Idea. Before their debut album CRY MFER comes out on April 22nd, the duo have shared another single called “Crutch.”

Though the members of My Idea only got to know each other in 2020, the pair encouraged each other to quit drinking after they finished their album. “Crutch” documents them encroaching on that breaking point: “Truth is I really miss your tough/ And I’m hanging on ’cause you’re my crutch,” Koningsberg sings, seeming to argue that the people we meet can become just as addictive as substances.

“‘Crutch’ was written at a time when both of our personal lives had begun to collapse around us,” Koningsberg and Amos said in a statement. “Outside influences began to disappear and as we began to rely on each other more and more — the music was the only thing that functioned amidst the chaos. This song became kind of a beacon leading us through the remainder of making the album.” Beyond its chipper indie-pop exterior, “Crutch” is a gutting anecdote of desperation. Listen to it below.

“Crutch” follows My Idea’s previous single, “CRY MFER.” Koningsberg and Amos also both released great projects last year: Koningsberg shared the solo album Lily We Need to Talk Nowwhile Water from Your Eyes put out the LP Structure.

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