Elliot Page recalls “famous asshole” who told him being gay

Elliot Page recalls “famous asshole” who told him being gay

Elliot Page recalls “famous asshole” who told him being gay

To say Elliot Page has endured a lot during his time in Hollywood has been an understatement. The actor’s upcoming memoir Pageboy wastes no time getting into the nitty gritty about his experiences as a queer person in the limelight (via People), including a secret relationship with a closeted co-star and the “famous asshole” who once verbally assaulted him at a star-studded party.

In the memoir, Page uses “Ryan” as the code name for a co-star he began seeing romantically after they met on set; Ryan, a woman who wasn’t yet out as gay, would hold Page’s hand at work. But she pretended to just be platonic friends with Page when they were out — if they even acknowledged each other at all. Still, the pair kept up a relationship for two years.

“Some of my friends didn’t even know I was in a relationship,” Page said. “Ultimately, I do think she loved me. We loved each other and that was very real in our bubble. It was fantastic. You know, it was really beautiful. I admired about her and how she inspired me in many ways. But feeling hidden was far too painful. That was impossible and not a sustainable relationship at all. And it taught me that I was not gonna do that again.”

But where Page likely didn’t feel hidden was a 2014 birthday party in Los Angeles, at which she was approached by an “acquaintance” and fellow well-known actor. Page recalls this actor telling him: “You aren’t gay. That doesn’t exist. You are just afraid of men.”

The actor’s verbal attacks then got more violent, adding: “I’m going to fuck you to make you realize you aren’t gay.” When the two ran into each other later on, Page said this person told him: “I don’t have a problem with gay people I swear.”

But thankfully, Page has also found peace in “the sort of ease and the ability to exist” he’s felt since coming out as trans in 2020. We’ll be able to read more about that journey when Pageboy comes out June 6th — you can pre-order a copy here.

Last year, Page appeared in Season 3 of Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy.

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