Composer Randy Edelman: Live Review At Chelsea Table & Stage in NYC 1/28/23 “A Winter Weekend in Manhattan”

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    Composer Randy Edelman: Live Review At Chelsea Table & Stage in NYC 1/28/23 “A Winter Weekend in Manhattan”

    “Damn everything that is grim, dull, motionless, unrisking, inward turning, damn everything that won’t get in the circle, that won’t enjoy, that won’t allow its heart into the tension, surprise, fear, and delight of the circus, the round world, the music, the full existence”…..Helen Kelley

    Never less than fascinating to listen to, watch and celebrate, composer Randy Edelman immediately delivers the promise of a breathtaking and sensational evening that starts with the eyes and ends with the heart. With the holidays in the rearview mirror and Valentine’s Day nearly upon us “A Winter Weekend in Manhattan” embraced the audience with a charming and sweet vulnerability and the essence of romance. You are never more alive when you are in love and at the feature’s end everyone was very much alive and in love.

    The multi-award winning symphonist appeared quietly on stage, unannounced, wearing coat and scarf (very New York), with a certain compelling and unconventional swagger. He offered an illustrated excursion into the mirrored reflection of his captivating  lifetime’s conquest via the warm flesh beneath his fingertips as he touched the keys of the piano. 

    Randy commemorated the magical and romantic feelings that “muzak” evokes and impacts in our lives with a string of pop hits written and performed by him and also covered by iconic artists such as Barry Manilow (A Weekend In New England), Patti LaBelle (Isn’t It A Shame), Nelly (My Place), and others inclusive of Bing Crosby, Olivia Newton-John, Dionne Warwick, and The Carpenters. He also rocked the house with his newest song “Pretty Girls” which is also in the new movie thriller “The Beast Inside” which he magnificently scored.

    An integral part of the Hollywood film industry Randy Edelman astonished the congregation with a conglomeration of motion picture killer soundtracks he was widely acclaimed for composing including: “Last of the Mohicans”, “Gettysburg”, “My Cousin Vinny”, “Dragonheart”, “Ghostbusters ll”, “While You Were Sleeping”, “Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story”, “27 Dresses”, “Kindergarten Cop”, “Twins”, joined by a parade of others along with the theme from the NBC hit series “MacGyver.”

    Randy allows people to know him through his songs and stories which mostly dance on with the illusion of romance. When your heart opens up, your entire physique is flooded with ecstasy. You are no longer dominated by your mind but rather your emotions and your entire perspective of life changes. His music reminds us how profoundly strange it is to stumble across someone who’s desires are shaped so closely to our own. Beethoven tells us what it is like to be. Beethoven and Mozart tells us what it’s like to be human, but Randy Edelman tells us what it’s like to be the universe.

    Photo Credits: Billy Hess 

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