Upcoming Alien Film Coming to Hulu, Fede Alvarez to Write


An upcoming Alien film is coming to Hulu and rising filmmaker Fede Álvarez will write and direct the horror movie.

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THR reports that Álvarez, who helmed Don’t Breathe and the 2013 Evil Dead remake will be creating a new entry in the series for 20th Century Studios. It will be a standalone film, so don’t expect it to start its own franchise or to be a sequel to previous installments. Original director Ridley Scott will produce the film.

Details are currently scarce, although it is said to be “unconnected” to previous films. A fan of the iconic franchise himself, Álvarez had pitched a film idea to Scott several years ago in a casual conversation. THR says that Scott called Álvarez last year to see if he was still interested and it was quickly set. 20th Century then picked up the film due to the strength of Álvarez’s pitch as it was a “really good story with a bunch of characters you haven’t seen before,” according to 20th Century’s Steve Asbell.

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It’s noted that 20th Century is attempting to make 10+ movies per year for Hulu, and this upcoming Alien film will be part of that initiative.

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