The Whale: Cast, Plot, Release Date, and Everything Else We


Although an official trailer or images have not been released, here is everything we know so far about Darren Aronofsky’s upcoming film starring Brendon Fraser, The Whale.

&#65279The Whale: Cast, Plot, Release Date, and Everything Else We Know

Darren Aronofsky is certainly one of a kind. From the very beginning of his career, Aronofsky has created films that have taken the medium to new horizons. His sheer intellect and knowledge of filmmaking techniques can clearly be seen in every film that he takes on. Aronofsky studied filmmaking at Harvard University and made his feature film debut with the psychological horror film, Pi. Critics and audiences alike knew that there was something special in Aronofsky and since then, the director has been making thought-provoking films that entertain and sometimes shock its viewers.

When word got out that Aronofsky would be adapting Samuel D. Hunter’s acclaimed play, The Whale, fans were ecstatic. Much of the anticipation surely comes from the casting of Brendan Fraser in the lead role. Fraser, who has had many ups and downs in his career, seems to be making an epic and well-deserved comeback. His talent and charisma have been constantly overlooked and underappreciated. Love for the actor has been sweeping across social media and he has some very exciting projects in the works including playing the main villain in the upcoming Batgirl film. Although there has yet to be a trailer released for The Whale, there are a lot of exciting facts to talk about. Here is everything we know so far about the much-anticipated film.

4  Plot Of The Whale

Playwright Samuel D. Hunter will be adapting The Whale into the screenplay. When the play debuted Off-Broadway in 2012, it received high praise from critics and won the Drama Desk Award as well as the Lucille Lortel Award for outstanding play. The story follows a 600-pound reclusive English teacher, Charlie (Brendan Fraser), who has decided to eat himself to death. Charlie’s pain and misery come from the abandonment and death of his gay lover, which leads to his chronic binge eating. At the same time, the story follows Charlie as he tries to reconnect with his 17-year-old daughter for one last chance at redemption.

It’s certain to say that The Whale will explore dramatic themes of self-infliction, family, and grief. The film will be produced by the beloved production company A24. The collaboration between Aronofsky and A24 is certainly something to be excited about and will undoubtedly give us a fantastic and thought-provoking film.

3 The Cast

Sadie Sink

Alongside Brendan Fraser is an exciting cast to bring the acclaimed play to life on the big screen. Charlie’s estranged daughter, Ellie, will be played by Sadie Sink. The young American actress is most notably known for her role as Max Mayfield in Stranger Things. She has also taken roles in the Netflix horror film, Eli, as well as Destin Daniel Cretton’s dramatic film, The Glass Castle. Hong Chau will play the role of Charlie’s friend Liz, a cynical and atheist nurse. Chau has acted in many acclaimed shows including Big Little Lies, Homecoming, and Watchmen. Chau received a Golden Globe Nomination for her supporting role in Alexander Payne’s Downsizing. Oscar-nominated actress Samantha Morton will play Charlie’s ex-wife Mary. Morton is a force to be reckoned with and has delivered several memorable roles in her career including Minority Report, In America, and Sweet and Lowdown.

2 Release Date

Production for The Whale began in early 2021 and the film is currently in post-production. There has yet to be a definitive release date but the film is expected to premiere sometime in 2022. Besides the plot and cast, there has not been much else released in regards to the film. Fans are still waiting for a trailer and photos of Brendan Fraser’s transformation into a 600-pound man. Regardless, a film with this amount of talent attached to it will certainly deliver the goods and be well worth the wait.

1 Brendan Fraser’s Comeback

Brendan Fraser

The Whale could potentially mark an all-time comeback for Brendan Fraser. Fraser started his career strong with dramatic roles including School Ties and Gods And Monsters. He eventually proved himself as a leading man with The Mummy franchise. After that, his career took many ups and downs including some childish comedies that made many doubt his capabilities as an actor.

With that said, Fraser has a charisma and star quality that undoubtedly makes him a sheer talent. Everybody loves a comeback, and Fraser is due for one. Darren Aronofsky is the perfect director to make the comeback a reality. Aronofsky reinvented Mickey Rourke’s career with The Wrestler and Rourke earned an Academy Award nomination for best actor. Recently, Fraser has been popping up more and more in film and television and reintroducing us to his charisma and talent. The Whale may be the role to finalize his comeback and make him the next big thing. Roles with physical transformations such as this seem to always gain the attention of awards. Though it is not certain, this may be Fraser’s chance to potentially earn an Oscar. With a director like Aronofsky… anything is possible.

Aronofsky fans are eager to see how The Whale plays out. His films are controversial and sometimes they are not for everyone. Mother! was met with a lot of criticism for its subject matter and received mixed reviews from audiences and critics alike. But, that is the essence of a prestigious filmmaker. Not every piece of work can be beloved by all. Filmmakers have to take chances and push boundaries to progress their art. Aronofsky is not afraid to stir the pot to make the films that he wants to make. His genius is uncanny and hopefully, he will continue to make films that take cinema to new levels. Soon we will all find out if the combination between A24, Darren Aronofsky, and Brendan Fraser will deliver a film for the ages.

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