The Most Popular Movies on Netflix This Week

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    The Most Popular Movies on Netflix This Week

    Netflix has always been very protective with their data. They would announce that this movie or that show was the most-watched series in history, but they wouldn’t tell you how many viewers that meant, or how many of those supposed viewers actually sat through the entire thing. (Some of Netflix’s “most watched” metrics in the past were based on accounts that watched a minimum of two minutes of something, so if you hated the first five minutes of, say, The Wrong Missy and then turned it off, Netflix counted that as a successful view).

    It appears, though, that the company has turned a corner. They’ve launched a new website, that lets anyone browse through the lists of the site’s biggest movies and shows. It’s updated weekly, and contains lists divided into global and national data — so if you want to know what’s the top-rated film in Iceland, now you can. (It’s Mother/Android, by the way.)

    With all that insight, we now know on any given week the top ten most popular movies on Netflix in the U.S.. And here they are. As long as they keep updating the data publicly, we’ll try to keep updating this list.

    The Most Popular Movies on Netflix This Week

    These are the top ten most-watched movies on Netflix in the U.S. for the week of January 9, 2022.

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