The Coolest Interior Experts Have Spoken—These Are the Trends to


With all of us spending more time at home in recent years, it’s understandable that we’ve become increasingly obsessed with interiors. Yes, pride in our homes has always been a thing, but with our houses now our office spaces, too (for many of us), it’s placed even more importance (and worth) on creating a sort of sanctuary for ourselves. Not to mention the extra time we’ve had on our hands indoors, repainting and DIY’ing. 

As the world of interiors has grown, we’ve also seen it merging with the world of fashion more than ever. Both industries have always been linked in ways thanks to their shared creative and visual nature, but now we have our favourite influencers starting home accounts (hi, @lucywilliamshome), our favourite designers collaborating with iconic decorative names (Louis Vuitton x Fornasetti, anyone?), and even our favourite high-street stores launching new homeware collections (check out Mango’s here).  

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