Pete Davidson Is Reportedly Considering Getting an L


Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian’s romance is becoming serious enough that the Saturday Night Live comedian is mulling over buying his own place in Los Angeles so he can go between Kardashian’s California home city and his own home of New York more easily. A source told Entertainment Tonight that Davidson enjoys going back and forth.

“[He] has been playing with the idea of getting a place in Los Angeles,” the source said. “He has a ton of friends and work in LA. Even though New York is home, he has been digging the bicoastal vibe. He is into whatever gives him more time with Kim. They are enjoying the pace they’re going at right now. Kim is so busy, has a big family, her businesses and still dealing with her divorce from Kanye [West].”

Davidson is unbothered by West’s statements about him. “He is super chill about the situation and doesn’t take it too personally, but he hates that Kim has to deal with the drama,” the source said. “Pete is certainly helping her through this and has been supportive and reminding her not to focus on it too much.”

Kardashian is very smitten with Davidson, just a few months into dating him. A source close to Kardashian told E! at the end of January that “they’re both super into each other and she has fallen hard. She loves the ease of the relationship and how fun and different it is. She’s doing things she hasn’t done in years and he is exposing her to all sorts of different dates.”

Davidson, meanwhile, spoke in an interview this week about how he is making one big move in New York: relocating from his home of Staten Island to Brooklyn. “I am moving to Brooklyn. I am very excited. I love Staten Island, but it takes too long to get over the bridge,” Davidson told NBCLX host Tabitha Lipkin, via Us Weekly. The outlet added that he called his place “disgusting” there amid the move.

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