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    Kim Kardashian’s Sheer Crop Top Is a Love Letter to

    Kim Kardashian would take a nerd over a jock any day. At least according to the crop top she wore to the Los Angeles Lakers game with Kris Jenner and designer Sarah Staudinger. On May 8, the Skims mogul watched courtside in a pair of high-waist ripped jeans and a semisheer baby tee. The short-sleeve shirt read “I love nerds” in bold black letters, featuring a deliberate cutout at the neckline. Kardashian dressed the look up with a pastel-pink mini Hermès Kelly bag, a cross necklace, and translucent heels, pulling her hair into a sleek high ponytail and tying the shirt tight to accentuate her waist.

    Interestingly enough, the message on Kardashian’s shirt does actually confirm past statements she’s made about her dating preferences. Following her breakup with Pete Davidson, she told James Corden that she could see her next partner being an intellectual type. “I feel like I have to go to different places. Clearly it’s not working, whatever I’m doing,” she joked. “Maybe [I’ll go to] a hospital and meet a doctor. A law firm. I think it’s gonna be scientist, neuroscientist, biochemist, doctor, attorney. That’s maybe what I envision in the future.”

    Given her passion for law, some might say that Kardashian is a bit of a nerd herself. She registered with the State Bar of California back in 2018 and is currently in law school, hoping to bring about criminal justice reform. But whether her shirt speaks more to her love life or her own personality, Kardashian has never been afraid to let her clothes speak for her. Previously, she wore a tee poking fun at her sister Kendall Jenner, featuring illustrations of Kendall’s ex-boyfriends. Ahead, see Kardashian’s latest statement-making shirt and her unexpected tribute to nerds everywhere.

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