How To Watch Jennifer Lopez’s Return To Rom-Coms in ‘Marry


The queen of rom-coms is back, this time already wearing a bridal gown. The romantic comedy Marry Me might be saccharine, with all the emotional gravitas of cotton candy, but—given there’s a newly in-love Jennifer Lopez at its center—the film just might taste good going down. Co-starring Owen Wilson, whom Entertainment Weekly calls “the living embodiment of rumpled corduroy,” the film follows Lopez’s pop mega-star Kat Valdez as she weds a total stranger (Wilson) for the sake of good PR.


You see, she’s mere moments away from marrying another man, boyfriend Bastian (Maluma), when she learns of his infidelity, which naturally leads her to pluck a fan from the awaiting crowd and marry him instead. (Perhaps when you make that much money, you trust the first instinct that comes to you.) Wilson’s Charlie, a math teacher and single dad, isn’t exactly well-suited for life as the new husband of a global icon, but then again, who really is? And, anyway, his daughter seems to think Kat is cool, so a legally binding life-long commitment must be worth a shot.

At least in its marketing materials and press tour, Marry Me seems attuned to its own meta-ness, given the tabloid obsession over its lead actress’s love life. But whether that introspective irony is intelligent enough to carry a film? Well, I suppose let’s try a taste first: The film will be available to stream on Peacock starting today, February 11, in cinemas and online at Peacock. (Premium subscriptions start at $4.99 per month.) If you’d prefer to see Lopez in all her bedazzled glory on the big screen, Marry Me and its original soundtrack are waiting in a theater near you.

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