Blake Lively’s Chaotic “It Ends With Us” Outfits Are Dividing

Blake Lively’s Chaotic “It Ends With Us” Outfits Are Dividing

Blake Lively’s Chaotic “It Ends With Us” Outfits Are Dividing

Blake Lively has proven to be a fashionable dresser over the years — famously her own stylist, she’s even been dubbed the queen of the Met Gala. So when images of her on the set of “It Ends With Us” circulated the internet, fans had quite the reaction to Lively’s character, Lily, in a series of eccentric outfits.

Filming for the movie officially kicked off in mid-May, when Lively and Justin Baldoni, who’s both directing and starring in the production, were spotted on set in different locations in New Jersey. With her freshly dyed red hair, Lively was seen in several quirky ensembles, including a patchwork jacket, baggy red pants, and a beanie and oversize plaid outerwear with slouchy sweatpants. One particularly viral appearance on May 25 saw her wearing pants over another pair of pants, sending fans into a frenzy. Paired with a mustard-yellow blazer with a striped shirt underneath, she wore low-rise patterned khakis over what looked to be patchwork-print boxers.

Though Lively’s boho style might make sense for her character, folks are especially confused by Lily’s disheveled, almost-frumpy look. “I love Blake Lively, but this is not Lily Bloom,” one Twitter user wrote, while another hilariously shared, “Please tell me this is Blake just on a lunch break or something.” Hopefully, Lily’s wardrobe will be explained when the much-anticipated book adaptation hits theaters, likely in 2024.

Ahead, take a closer look at Lively’s outfits while filming “It Ends With Us.”

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