Frances Vitovsky Discusses NFT Drop, LLC COO Stacey Toy


Having taught Business Education for 43 years at Western Wayne High School in Pennsylvania, enriching the lives of generations and future superstars to Frances Vitovsky one such student holds a place in her heart and mind, Stacey Toy, a leading entrepreneur, and COO of NFT Drop, LLC. Serving for 38 years as advisor to the Future Business Leaders of America, Frances became a friend and mentor to Stacey.

Stacey Toy is a fairytale success story and no doubt Frances had much to do with that. In an interview with her we found out why. Stacey is an Oxford University graduate in journalism and has since continuously climbed the ladder of success in marketing, production, and entertainment, just to name a few. Her credits include her 11 years in the broadcasting industry on a top 55 market stations as the live TV Director. She has worked on the 2012 Olympic Games and was instrumental in helping build her stations new high-definition control room. She produces film, TV and commercials and works with companies, like Toyota and the Super Bowl. Most recently, her company, NFT Drop, LLC remains dedicated to transforming how we think about community, value and ownership. 

However, Frances knew that Stacey would wind up successful. In a heartfelt interview she details just why Stacey Toy rises above…..

What were the circumstances that led you to meet Stacey Toy?

If I remember correctly, I first noticed Stacey in the halls on her way to class and took notice of her interaction with the other students.  She was animated and excited about everything.  In her classes, I found her to be eager to learn—she was like a sponge soaking up all information.  On a side note, I taught Stacey’s mom in high school and saw some of the same characteristics that Karen had that Stacey also possessed.  However, it was when Stacey joined FBLA, a student organization that I served as adviser, that I got to know her even better.

What inspired you to first take an interest in her as a person?

Before I asked Stacey if she wanted to campaign for a PA FBLA state office, I noticed her enthusiasm for every assignment she was given.  I could see that she was a leader in all ways.  She was willing to speak her mind and fight for what she believed.  She was involved in student council, and I was impressed by her teamwork—she had an ability to work with everyone.  She got them to work harder to achieve success.  Once she was elected State Reporter, she became even more self-confident and polished and performed her duties quite well.

What did you see in Stacey that made you want to know her, give her advice etc.?

 I think I answered that above.

What kind of person do you see Stacey as and what makes her stand out as a human?

Stacey is smart.  She has achieved a great deal since graduating high school.  She has great people skills.  However, even more importantly, Stacey has empathy.  Life has given her her share of ups and downs, and she has come through it all with flying colors.  Therefore, she can empathize with those who are having their own issues.

What qualities do you think led Stacey to accomplish so much?

Besides her intelligence and creativity, Stacey is strong, determined, and persistent.  She is also goal oriented.  She always has her “eye on the prize” and will stop at nothing until she achieves it.

What do you see happening for Stacey in the future if she keeps on the path she is on?

The sky’s the limit!  She has such a varied background she can pursue any avenue that interests her. 

Please tell us a little about yourself?

I taught Business Education at Western Wayne High School in Pennsylvania for 43 years until I retired in 2014.  This included teaching courses in accounting, word processing, desktop publishing, business communication, sports marketing, etc.

For 38 of those 43 years, I served as adviser to the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). My chapters were always active and remained among the top ten in the state for all those years despite our smaller school size.  I was honored to have been named Pennsylvania FBLA Adviser of the Year twice in 1995 and again in 2014.  I have been a member of the PA FBLA Board of Directors for more than 25 years serving on the Finance Committee. (still serving)

 Although the students have done the work, I’ve had 22 state officers including 5 state presidents.  Western Wayne students have attended the National Leadership Conferences every year since 1980 and have won numerous awards.

Although I am now retired, I still volunteer at the high school preparing students for their FBLA competitive events.

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