Wipeout Exclusive Sneak Peek: Age Is Just a Number, But


We’ve got an exclusive look at Wipeout Season 1 Episode 12 with Sharon and Teresa, the oldest contestants to date.

We had access to another clip, too, but Sharon and Teresa understand that Wipeout is a game.

In other words, major points awarded to these contestants for their spirit alone!

Wipeout Poster

First, a little bit about the show.

John Cena and Nicole Byers host the show, with Camille Kostek taking her cues from the field. Essentially, it’s their job to make Wipeout as funny as possible.

Sometimes, that’s needed as some contestants take it too darn serious. Those are the people we hope wipe out the hardest.

Camille Kostek Wipeout

And wipe out they do because Wipeout is an adrenaline-fueled comedy competition series that pushes contestants’ athleticism, endurance, and determination as they race to win the grand cash prize.

And cash makes people do silly things. Unfortunately, it also makes people jerks, and that’s a reminder that if you’re a jerk, we want to see all wet after a tremendous faceplant.

Each game is split into three rounds and features a jaw-dropping, three-stage obstacle course consisting of multiple strategy and decision points designed to test the competitors’ stamina.

Wipeout Action Shot

There are all kinds of competitors this season, so that means that the duos range from record-breaking runs to sex therapists longing for one of the hosts and everything in between.

With those contestants, Wipeout has it all — extreme sports challenges, belly laughs (and belly flops), and more than a few epic fails.

But, back to Sharon and Teresa.

If there are contestants who you pray to get zonked and dunked, Sharon and Teresa are those you want to make it through to the end.

Wipeout Support in Action

They’re just having a great time, proving that with age comes wisdom, if not necessarily the skills to make it to the end of the challenge.

And frankly, they don’t care — as long as their makeup is intact from start to finish.

Take a look:

What do you think of their performance?

You need to tune in later tonight to see more of Sharon and Teresa, as well as that other duo you will be rooting against.

Wipeout airs on TBS tonight, January 25, at 9/8c. Don’t miss it!

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