Days of Our Lives Spoilers Week of 9-05-22: Will Third

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    Days of Our Lives Spoilers Week of 9-05-22: Will Third

    You might be disappointed if you were hoping that Days of Our Lives would leave NBC with a bang.

    The flagship soap had already filmed through February 2023 before the decision to move it to streaming-only, so the next several months won’t be anything radically different.

    However, spoilers for Days of Our Lives during the week of 9-05-22 suggest Sarah and Xander will again try to tie the knot amidst all the chaos elsewhere, so there’s that.

    Spoilers for the Week of 9-05-22 - Days of Our Lives

    Fans have been down this road with Xander and Sarah before, only for their happiness to get interrupted. But will their third attempt at a wedding be any more successful?

    It would have to be. There are only so many times that Xarah fans will get their hopes up, only to have them dashed.

    Of course, happy endings can’t last forever, or there’s no story, but most fans are ready for something other than continually thwarted attempts to get married.

    Unfortunately, Gwen will also be on the loose. Now that the cops think they have Leo dead to rights on Abigail’s murder, they’ll let her go, leaving her free to wreak havoc with Xander and Sarah again.

    Too bad no one can un-pardon her for her many crimes. The last thing anyone needs is Gwen unfettered so that she can cause yet more stupid trouble.

    Sarah and Xander aren’t the only ones slated for some happiness, though, as John and Marlena have some romantic time.

    It’s understandable that the two would want to celebrate each other after Marlena’s ordeal at Orpheus’ hands. But Orpheus is still at large, and his plan to terrorize his enemies is far from finished.

    Security should be a higher priority than romance right now. How can John think this is actually over?

    Equally concerning: Jennifer appears to be back on pills, presumably because of the stress of Abigail’s death. Too bad we haven’t seen much of her in the last several weeks; some build-up to this would have been nice.

    Please scroll down to check out all of our spoilers for Days of Our Lives during the week of 9-05-22.

    Will Rushes Home - Days of Our Lives

    Will rushes home as Sonny fights for his life.

    Will again returns to Salem following Sonny’s stabbing.

    Let’s hope that Sonny pulls through! There’s been too much death and destruction in Salem as it is.

    Will might also get on the case, investigating who did this to Sonny, which could be compelling.

    Maggie Learns Jennifer's Secret - Days of Our Lives

    Maggie learns Jennifer’s secret.

    Jennifer’s pain pill addiction came out of nowhere the first time around.

    It appears the story is getting the same treatment, albeit with a different actress playing Jennifer. There’s been no foreshadowing of this whatsoever.

    Still, at least Maggie’s getting involved, which should lead to some strong scenes.

    Gwen is Released - Days of Our Lives

    Gwen is released from jail.

    Ugh. If anyone needs to be behind bars permanently, it’s Gwen. She’s second only to Kristen as the most annoying, unstable villainess.

    She may have been vindicated for now, but something tells me that’s not the last time she’ll see the inside of a jail cell.

    The bigger question is: what havoc will she wreak now that she’s free to try to steal Xander back from Sarah?

    Xander and Sarah's Wedding, Take 3 - Days of Our Lives

    Xander and Sarah decide to get married right away!

    You can’t blame them for not wanting to wait. They’ve been trying to get married forever.

    Plus, with two stabbings and Gwen trying to frame Sarah for Abigail’s murder, life has proven to be uncertain for these two.

    Let’s hope they finally make it through the ceremony!

    John Pampers Marlena - Days of Our Lives

    John pampers Marlena with a day of romance.

    While John and Marlena’s romantic scenes are always sweet, Marlena is far from out of danger.

    A romantic evening seems like the perfect time for Orpheus to strike again.

    Let’s hope those strawberries and cream aren’t poisoned!

    Orpheus Visits Rolf! - Days of Our Lives

    Orpheus pays a visit to Rolf’s secret lab.

    Now, this is interesting!

    You’d think the Dimeras and the Harps would be natural enemies. Orpheus should seem like an inferior, second-rate version of Stefano to Rolf and his employers.

    What is the connection between Orpheus and Rolf? Are they allies or enemies, and did Rolf help Orpheus come back from one of his supposed deaths?

    Ava's Upsetting Experience - Days of Our Lives

    Ava has an upsetting encounter in the DiMera crypt.

    We know Stefan has been resurrected, so he probably will reappear, again making Ava think she saw Jake.

    Alternatively, could EJ be planning a nasty trick?

    He will stop at nothing to remove Ava from the Dimera board and his life, especially now that Johnny has made it clear he’s more loyal to her than to his father.

    Kristen's Odd Behavior / Tall - Days of Our Lives

    Brady and Chloe question Kristen’s odd behavior.

    Kristen wants Rolf to brainwash Chloe as well as Stefan, so it’s not surprising that she arouses Chloe’s suspicions.

    The two are also probably looking for dirt to bolster their custody case, although it seems like Chloe testifying to Kristen’s attempt to murder her would be easier.

    After all, if they catch Kristen committing another crime, it’ll still upset Rachel, so there seems little point in ignoring the first one.

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    Days of Our Lives is moving exclusively to Peacock on September 12, 2022. Until then, it airs on NBC on weekday afternoons. Check your local listings for airtimes or watch on Peacock on weeknights after 8 PM EST/5 PM PST.

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