Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 5-15-23:

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    Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 5-15-23:

    If you’re sick of the Colin story, hold on tight.

    Things always get worse before they get better on Days of Our Lives, and as the net tightens around Colin, he’ll make a desperate move involving one of our favorite power couples.

    According to spoilers for Days of Our Lives during the week of 5-15-23, Colin will attack Abe and Paulina and try to get his version of justice by throwing Paulina off a rooftop!

    Spoilers for the Week of 5-15-23 - Days of Our Lives

    The good news is that when DAYS villains get this desperate, it’s usually a last-ditch effort to postpone the inevitable: their failure, which leads them off the canvas.

    Will Colin be leaving Salem in cuffs or a body bag? We don’t know yet, but soon he’ll be gone.

    On his way out the door, he’ll try to destroy Salem’s most beloved mayor and his wife. Good luck with that.

    Days of Our Lives will take this to the edge (literally!), with Chanel walking in on Paulina hanging on for dear life from a rooftop. But Colin won’t win, and Abe and Paulina will be fine.

    There’s never any doubt (unless it’s been leaked that a main character is leaving.) The fun in these stories isn’t in fearing for beloved characters’ deaths. It’s in learning how they’ll get out of it this time!

    Colin needs to go to Statesville to be tormented long-term by realizing that all he accomplished was throwing away his freedom. Death lets him get away too easily.

    But either way, he WILL lose. He knows it, and that’s why he does something this violent.

    Jada wants to keep Colin away from her sister, and this week she learns who he is and questions Sloan about him.

    Sloan promised to turn him in if the cops bothered her again, but will she? And will Talia, disgusted with this scheme, stick to her promise to stop helping him?

    There’s plenty else happening on Days of Our Lives during the week of 5-15-23. Please scroll down to check out the spoilers.

    A Daring Rescue Attempt - Days of Our Lives

    Chad, Steve, and Harris make a daring attempt to rescue Kate.

    The trio is on the boat where Kate has been forced to have dinner with Dmitri.

    Chad burst in on Friday, just as Dmitri was about to reveal his diabolical plan, and Steve got caught by one of Dmitri’s henchmen.

    But according to the spoiler video, Steve will be annoyed when Harris saves him from imprisonment or death. Will Steve EVER get over Harris waiting 12 hours to tell Hope that Bo was alive?

    Stephanie Comforts Alex - Days of Our Lives

    Stephanie comforts Alex after he is fired.

    Ugh. While Chad is away, Stephanie appears to be drifting back toward Alex.

    Choose one and stick with him!

    Maggie was wrong to fire Alex, but that doesn’t mean he needs to have pity sex. Let’s hope Stephanie keeps this platonic.

    Dmitri Reveals His Real Hostage - Days of Our Lives

    Dmitri has another hostage — and it’s another Dimera!

    Who could Dmitri’s hostage be?

    Jake could still be alive, but he’s the least consequential of all the Dimeras.

    Could another Dimera long thought dead have been resurrected? Without Joe Mascolo, it makes no sense to resurrect Stefano, but what about some of his other deceased children?

    The only one I can think of is Lexie. That would throw Abe for a loop after he and Paulina get out of this Colin mess, but is that a big enough payoff for this story?

    The Net Tightens Around Colin - Days of Our Lives

    The net tightens around Colin.

    As discussed earlier, Colin is going down one way or the other.

    Rafe and Jada catch on to who he is, Talia tells him she’s done, and Sloan has already made it clear that she won’t cover for him if he causes more trouble.

    Colin thinks the way out is to get more violent. Some people can’t seem to get the concept of quitting while you’re ahead!

    Sloan Learns Nicole's Secret - Days of Our Lives

    Sloan learns Nicole’s secret.

    Ugh. Sloan is the last person Nicole wants to know about this.

    The supposedly reformed, sleazy lawyer has already proven she’s not above blackmail, and Sloan now has feelings for Eric, making her twice as dangerous.

    The only question here is what Sloan will do with this information.

    Paulina And Abe Face Colin - Days of Our Lives

    Paulina and Abe find themselves in danger!

    Colin poses as a health inspector to attack the power couple.

    The mayor ought to have full-time security, but this is Salem we’re talking about!

    Abe’s also a former cop and SHOULD be able to defend himself and his wife, but lately, his career history seems to have been forgotten.

    Questioning Sloan About Colin - Days of Our Lives

    Talia comes clean with Chanel while Rafe and Jada question Sloan about her dangerous brother.

    Colin will get caught, though it’s unclear whether Sloan will help the cops. But Chanel will be left with a broken heart.

    She may forgive Talia down the line, but it probably won’t be right away.

    Paulina might see this for what it is after all is said and done — after all, she suffered abuse at TR’s hands and likes Talia, so she might be able to see past the surface of this situation.

    Stefan Proposes! - Days of Our Lives

    Stefan asks Gabi to marry him.

    It’s hard to get invested in this when Camila Banus is leaving Days of Our Lives.

    Still, Stefan and Gabi getting their happily ever after is far preferable to this juvenile rivalry between Stefan and EJ.

    Will Gabi accept? Maybe she can take Stefan with her when she leaves if she does.

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    If you’d like to chat about already-aired episodes of Days of Our Lives, check out the latest Days of Our Lives reviews and Days of Our Lives Round Table discussion posts.

    Days of Our Lives streams exclusively on Peacock. New episodes drop on weekdays at 6 AM EST / 3 AM PST.

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