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    Chesapeake Shores Season 6 Episode 6 Review: Straighten Up and


    Chesapeake Shores Season 6 Episode 6 finds many characters facing their fears, allowing them an easier path to sail off into the sunset of happiness.

    Let’s dig in!

    Mick Gets With the Program - Chesapeake Shores

    Mick is still in the early stages of his recovery, and he’s already fallen back into old habits.

    I really like how his story has progressed. Sure, it’s happening quickly, but they’re covering many bases that addicts recognize.

    How Low Can He Go - Chesapeake Shores Season 6 Episode 6

    Mick was reluctant to embrace what NA had to offer. He was still confident that he wasn’t the same as the others in the room. But then a small setback proved he’s got no control over his addiction.

    It seems silly that such a minor setback could be so detrimental, but all it took for Mick was his weekend with Megan falling through before he was unable to control his urge to disappear the pain.

    As soon as he told Connor he was going to wash his hands, I knew he’d find some of Connor’s meds.

    After taking the pill, Mick shared at the next NA meeting, but what he presented was only partially true.

    A Fine Cuppa Coffee - Chesapeake Shores Season 6 Episode 6

    Group leader, Ralph, knew as soon as Mick shared that he’d left out the most essential part — he’d not only seen the pill and fondled it. He tossed it right into his mouth and swallowed.

    Now Mick has a better idea of what his addiction is doing to him. And he’s also decided he cannot do it alone no matter how much he wants to believe he can.

    The next time Mick feels the urge to use, he has someone to call. Of course, he has always had someone to call, but Ralph is there to pick up Mick when he stumbles. Laying that at your family’s feet isn’t the same, which is why there are sponsors in the first place.

    It’s not the same at all, but Bree has been her own worst enemy for as long as she can remember.

    Housewarming - Chesapeake Shores Season 6 Episode 6

    Like many women, her fear of relationships going sour causes her to push people away before they have a chance to disappoint her. It’s pretty common, and I’m not altogether sure what it says about how women have been raised in recent decades.

    Mick: Or you could just tell him you miss him.
    Bree: It’s hard. You talk to someone every day, and then, poof, they’re gone.
    Mick: I know the feeling. How long’s it been since you two talked?
    Bree: Like a week and change?
    Mick: You’re gonna need a bigger cactus.

    Luckily for Bree, Mick was in the midst of his own trials and could see what his daughter was doing. If he couldn’t take his own advice, at least it did some good for Bree.

    And even luckier for Bree, Luke cares about her very much and wants to be the man who proves her wrong. Every relationship doesn’t end in disappointment.

    He also reminded her that her family deserves the benefit of the doubt, too, when she considered chucking an incredible offer from an award-winning actress who wanted to bring Bree’s book to the big screen.

    Asking Permission - Chesapeake Shores Season 6 Episode 6

    When the family was gathered, they were happy about her success and started in with their demands, which included starring roles for Harrison Ford, Hilary Duff, Luke Wilson (or Chris Pratt or Chris Pine), and a wigged Dwayne Johnson.

    As long as they have each other, watching their story unfold on the big screen will be cathartic and memorable.

    Sarah: How have I never been in here?
    Bree: The real question is how have we never taken you here?

    And can I get a hell yeah for the O’Brien sisters finally inviting Sarah to a spa day with them? You know how much that was bugging me, and I was richly rewarded as even Bree wondered what had taken them so long.

    Spa day gave Sarah the opportunity to chat with Abby about her pregnancy fears, and she received sage advice.

    When in doubt, choose joy.


    When in Doubt - Chesapeake Shores Season 6 Episode 6

    Sarah and Kevin chose joy when they announced the pregnancy to the family, who were thrilled they’re giving it another go.

    Jess proved how much she’s matured, too, as she continued sharing her shoulder with David.

    David: Thanks for making me feel less crazy.
    Jess: Well, usually it’s you doing that for me, so I can return the favor.
    David: That’s what a marriage is, isn’t it? Just makin’ each other feel less crazy.

    David has no idea what to believe, but his dad running was the absolute worst thing for an innocent man to do if he is, of course, innocent.

    That crass FBI agent speaks to David so disrespectfully, and I really didn’t appreciate how she made a game of his call and the wiretap on his phone.

    David: I should hang up this phone right now.
    Dad: I’m innocent!
    David: Oh, really. I suppose you were framed?
    Dad: Yes!
    David: It’s impossible or me to believe you because you literally stole my trust. You stole my trust fund!
    Dad: David, I didn’t steal it. I just put it somewhere safe so they couldn’t get at it.
    David: Oh, really?
    Dad: You’re gonna get it all back. You just have to trust me.

    However, her behavior likely indicates that David’s dad is innocent because if there was a chance he wasn’t, I think the show would handle that law enforcement presence with a little more panache.

    Call from Dad - Chesapeake Shores Season 6 Episode 6

    As it stands, an innocent man will have her eating her crude behavior.

    Jess was also there for Kaitlyn when she needed someone to listen.

    For a “whatever” reason, as Kaitlyn put it, she’s been visiting the school nurse frequently. I don’t want to weigh in on possible routes this story may be going, but like Abby, I hope it amounts to exactly what Kaitlyn said, “whatever.”

    And finally, Connor pushed Margaret out the door like a bird in flight when she did not appear on the fail list for the bar exam.

    Can someone please tell me that isn’t how the results are addressed? That’s awful, if so. It should be a joyful moment that is instead worded dreadfully.

    Calming the Crazy - Chesapeake Shores Season 6 Episode 6

    No matter. Margaret passed and was soon the hottest ticket for law firms across the land. She made it clear from the get-go that she wanted to start something from the ground up, but Connor put her to the test anyway.

    As equity partners, they won’t have to worry about power struggles within their relationshhip. It was a very good decision.

    So, what did you think of the latest episode?

    We only have four episodes left. What are your expectations leading into the finale?

    Don’t forget you can watch Chesapeake Shores online right here via TV Fanatic!

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