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    Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

    MONTH OF September

    Lighter days are on their way! This summer had a LOT of heaviness, with so many planets in your fellow fixed signs and weighty Saturn slogging through Aquarius. If you felt unusually anchored—even if your life was all over the place—September will start to bring ease.

    We say “start” because there’s still a certain intensity, especially while the Sun is in Virgo and your intimate, private eighth house until September 22. But once Libra season begins at the balancing equinox on the 22nd, your adventurous and worldly ninth house comes to life. The floodgates of inspiration open, bringing new opportunities to broaden your horizons, especially near the September 25 Libra new moon.

    Even better? Energizer Mars is in Gemini for the next six months (from August 20, 2022, until March 25, 2023), making an extended trip through your fifth house of fame, romance and self-expression. Your PSL won’t be the only thing getting spiced up this autumn!

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    Still, patience will be required. All of the slow-moving outer planets—Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune AND Pluto—are in powered down retrograde (backward) motion this whole month. On September 9, communication planet Mercury joins the retrograde brigade, foiling technology, schedules and day-to-day interactions until October 2. There will be obstacles to navigate, but nothing you can’t handle with a few deep breaths and the support of your friends.

    Deep dive: It’s Virgo season until September 22

    Resist the back-to-school rush, Aquarius. This month finds you feeling more private and internal as the Sun grooves through Virgo and your intimate eighth house until September 22. Your energy is best focused on one particular person or project since Virgo season sharpens your powers of concentration. Where can your energy best be directed for maximum return on investment?

    Of course, your naturally social personality might not heed these suggestions so readily. It will be hard to say no to the many enticing invites that are sure to flood in, especially with Mars activating your fifth house of pleasure and play. Adopt a “quality over quantity” approach and choose your RSVPs accordingly. You don’t have to be at every industry cocktail party, tailgater or welcome-to-fall gathering. But definitely attend the ones where you can meet well-connected insiders who might support your projects or make powerful new alliances.

    We know, we know, you’re not a snob like that. But it’s okay to be choosy in September, Aquarius. The eighth house rules all manner of merging, from soul-searing sex to joint financial ventures—unions that create a force field of power through your shared energies. Whether you reach “supercouple” status or team up on a world-changing professional venture, those are #goals for Virgo time.

    Mercury is retrograde September 9-October 2

    Back up the truck! On September 9, communication planet Mercury turns retrograde until October 2, messing with your plans, data and interactions. Technology takes a hit during this three-week cycle, so be sure to back up your devices and save everything to the cloud, preferably before the retrograde begins.

    For the first two weeks, Mercury is retrograde in Libra and your outspoken ninth house. Your normally refreshing candor could veer into offensive territory. Hold back on those truth bombs for now, Aquarius. The ninth house also rules travel and long-distance connections. If you have a trip planned, get to the airport early and make sure your flights are confirmed and your passport is up to date. If you have flexibility, schedule your getaways for next month instead.

    On September 23, Mercury will backtrack through Virgo and your intimate eighth house, possibly bringing back an old flame or provoking an unresolved power struggle. For couples, this could be a time of below-the-belt fighting or steamy sexual reconnection (we recommend the latter). A session with a couple’s counselor or even a brief hiatus could do you good if you can’t seem to find a middle ground.

    Money moves: The September 10 Pisces full moon

    Get ready for a financial windfall or a professional pivot! On September 10, the year’s only Pisces full moon illuminates your grounded second house. This could bring a midmonth moment of clarity, a chance to prioritize and make an action plan to finish the year strong. 

    If you’ve been waiting for word on finances or work, you could finally hear concrete news. This full moon can also bring a confidence boost when you need it most. Don’t wait for other people to call the shots or make a decision for you. Be firm and self-authorized today, Aquarius and lean in to leadership. If nobody steps up to the plate then…tag, you’re it!

    Libra season starts September 22, plus the September 25 Libra new moon

    A taste of the freedom you’re craving arrives starting September 22, when the Sun soars into Libra and your ninth house of travel, expansion and adventure for a month. Now you can pull yourself out of tunnel-vision mode and see the big picture again. 

    At the September 25 Libra new moon, start putting plans into action. Where would you like to be six months from now, at the corresponding Libra full moon? And what horizon-broadening experiences do you want to have between today and then? Get some bucket-list goals on the agenda, from launching your indie business to visiting a dream destination. Don’t limit yourself—explore all possibilities during this blue-sky month without holding back!

    Sidenote: This new moon will receive a harsh oppositional beam from expansive Jupiter in your third house of communication and ideas. You’re liable to bite off more than you can chew, so be mindful how many projects you say “yes” to now. It’s all too easy to underestimate the time needed to pull these ideas off with a proper execution. Give them a firm “maybe” so you don’t get in over your head!

    Temperatures rising! Spicy Mars is in Gemini all month, heating up your fifth house of passion and pleasure. The red planet only comes here every two years, amplifying your desires and giving you instant head-turner status. Even better? Mars is making an extended trip through Gemini that runs from August 20, 2022, until March 25, 2023. You’ll be slaying all the way past Valentine’s Day (well, minus a tricky Mars retrograde cycle from October 30 until January 12). 

    Make your bold moves this month while Mars is feeling the heat! This is no time to wait for love to “just happen.” With proactive Mars putting your needs on the front burner, you have cosmic permission to be direct, whether you’re choosing locations for a date or instructing a lover how and where to touch you. (Sometimes there’s no room for subtlety in those kinds of geography lessons, Aquarius!)

    Adding to the spice is vixen Venus, sashaying through Virgo and your erotic, intimate eighth house from September 5 to 29. If you’re not feeling sexy and glamorous yet, Aquarius, this is your license to do something about it, quick! 

    The only pressure here is that the fifth house (where Mars is visiting) is flamboyant and flirtatious while the eighth house (Venus’ September HQ) is more private and one-on-one. There could be some moments of jealousy, or you might feel torn between getting serious with one person and pursuing the many new options you’re attracting. You’ll feel this tension the most on September 16, when Venus and Mars lock into an embattled 90-degree square. 

    With Mercury retrograde all month, take your time to explore before locking yourself into anything too permanent. But DO respect the agreements and commitments you’ve made. If your love interest has nothing to be threatened by, don’t dim your lights or tone down your bold personality. Their insecurity is not YOUR problem!

    Dive into the deep end of the pool, Aquarius With the Sun in Virgo and your eighth house of research, merging and shared finances until September 22, this month is all about powerful alliances and transformational projects. The key will be to FOCUS! 

    Plot some money moves at the September 10 Pisces full moon, which will illuminate your second house of work and financial gain. Update your resume with your most recent achievements. Put your name in the ring for a promotion or plum project.

    Optimism returns starting September 22, when the Sun starts a monthlong visit to Libra and your ninth house of growth, entrepreneurship and travel. Let a vacation be your motivation. Start saving for a trip to a beautiful (and budget-friendly) bucket list trip. If you’re a freelancer, make it a “work-cation”—have laptop, will travel— and head somewhere you can quietly develop your passion projects in a serene setting. Shake loose from your everyday surroundings and allow yourself to be inspired. The Libra new moon on September 25 could spark a visionary idea or a novel concept for a savvy startup!

    Love Days: 16, 21

    Money Days: 28, 10

    Luck Days: 25, 7

    Off Days: 19, 24, 5

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